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Who are we looking for?

Journeymen and Apprentice Electricians

Whether you are starting your career as an electrician or are a seasoned vet, TCA Electric is the friendly, forward thinking, professional team you’ve been looking to join. Learn more about our current opportunities below.

Looking for friendly, motivated Electricians.

Are you a super motivated, detail oriented, people person?

Do you thrive in a variety of work environments that are fast-paced, and ever-changing where problem solving is the norm?

Are you energized in a service-oriented, customer focused environment?

Are you a team player who wants to help your co-workers success as much as yourself?

If you answered YES to each question, please, read on!

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Your Role as a Journeymen or Apprentice Electrician

You will be:

  • Working in custom homes, renovations, and commercial environments – including marinas
  • Work in a pre-planned and efficient manner to ensure all tasks are being completed within the allotted time frame to hit production goals.
  • Double check all work being produced by yourself to proactively prevent deficiencies.
  • Taking lead on multiple projects at a time from beginning to finish.


  • Interacting directly with project managers for changes and scheduling of projects
  • Facilitate daily meetings with crew members to set and discuss daily goals.
  • Double check all work being produced by your crew members to proactively prevent deficiencies.
  • Help to ensure all new employees have a clear understanding of tools: their use, how to operate them safely, as well as job site cleaning procedures and organization.


  • Focused on hitting production goals
  • Interacting directly with project leads for changes and scheduling of projects.
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Are we a good fit?

For our journeymen and apprentice electricians, these are a few of the qualities we highly value.

  • You’re passionate about your work, and genuinely love helping clients get the results they deserve and expect.
  • You are articulate and communicate extremely well.
  • You love to problem solve and enjoy a challenge.
  • You are highly organized and precise. Details are your thing and you love keeping things in order.
  • You work well under company structure and are process driven to be as efficient as possible.
  • You work well with direction and are excited to achieve project goals in a timely manner without sacrificing quality.
  • You have your own transportation and hand tools.
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The Benefits

  • Full extended benefits package (after probation period)
  • Full time work Monday to Friday (40 hours minimum).
  • Fuel allowance (after probation period).
  • Company fun group outings
  • A great team of people to work with and be around
  • An opportunity to help grow TCA with us, to create bigger and better roles
  • Broad range of work environments
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Residential Kitchen lighting design in Vancouver

About TCA Electric

TCA is a unique team of individuals with a broad range of skills, and a deep knowledge base.

Our company is performance driven and our team will seek out innovate and reliable solutions that will always exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.

The company focus has always been on supplying high quality craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and unmatched attention to detail. With our drive, TCA Electric has established itself in the Lower Mainland as a highly experienced, and greatly respected, electrical contractor.

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Your Role as a Journeymen or Apprentice Electrician will Include:

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