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TCA Electric is a full-service electrician serving Vancouver and the surrounding area since 2009. Our licensed and qualified electricians are true professionals, providing our customers with superior electrical services backed by years of industry experience in residential, commercial, and industrial electrical projects.

Full-Service Vancouver Electrician

At TCA Electric, we provide a full suite of electrical services covering any needs you may have. From residential projects like smart home upgrades and EV chargers to full-scale commercial lighting retrofits, our team has the skills and attention to detail to bring your vision to life.
What’s more, we’re committed to both quality electrical work and quality customer service, and we strive every day to make sure it truly is a pleasure to work with us! Ready to start your next electrical project? Reach out to us today!
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Our Featured Vancouver Electrical Services

Our team has expertise across the board when it comes to electrical work, with services offerings covering all of the following needs:

Residential Electrical Services

At TCA Electric, it’s our pleasure to turn dream home visions into reality each and every day. We’re the go-to electrician for countless Vancouver residents looking to make electrical upgrades to their homes.

Whatever you need more of, our team can provide! Add convenience through home automation, free yourself from the gas pump with a home EV charger, or create the perfect entertainment space with a brand-new home theatre. And if you need to increase your electrical service to make it all happen, our team can provide that too!

Commercial Electrical Upgrades

Commercial buildings demand a large amount of power, and your electrical bill represents a major chunk of your overhead as a business owner or commercial property owner. Our commercial services cover a wide range of electrical needs, with upgrades to improve the look of your storefront, provide greater energy efficiency, or both!

Our most common commercial electrical services include commercial LED lighting, wiring upgrades and power distribution, office remodels, commercial EV charging arrays, and more. We’re also happy to consult with you on how best to improve power consumption throughout your building to save money and make your business more sustainable.

Marina Electrical Projects

We’re Vancouver’s leading electrician when it comes to marina electrical work, from highly involved multi-year projects to simple rewirings and upgrades. Our team of marina electricians worked on every aspect of Mosquito Creek Marina over the course of a decade, from wiring float homes to supplying additional power and solving other electrical challenges.

Why Work with a Local Electrician?

At TCA Electric, we’re proud to be the top local electrician in Vancouver. Why should you choose a local contractor? Here are a few great reasons:

Knowledge of Local Codes – Ensuring your home is up to code is crucial. Not only does it keep you in compliance with insurance and legal requirements, but it makes your home a lot safer too. Our local electricians know Vancouver’s electrical codes inside and out.

Green Rebates & More – Vancouver has provided many generous electrical rebates and incentives over the years, for green upgrades to homes and businesses alike. Our professional electricians are constantly staying up to day with potential incentives for our customers, helping them reduce costs while making their homes and businesses more sustainable.

Form a Lasting Partnership – Choosing an electrician should be about much more than getting a single project done. Our hope as Vancouver electricians is to create lasting relationships with our customers as the go-to local electrician for each project. Whenever you need electrical work, we’re just a phone call away!

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Serving All of Vancouver

Our service area covers the entire Vancouver metro and surrounding areas, including areas such as:

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Absolutely! We serve residential and commercial property owners throughout Vancouver. Whether you have a small home project or an industrial electrical project, we have you covered! Get in touch today to discuss your electrical needs. 

We have extensive experience in home renovations throughout Vancouver. From historic homes to modern builds, we done it all! If you’re looking for a Vancouver electrical contractor with experience in older homes, look no further! 

There are many benefits to upgrading your electrical service to a 200 amp panel. Benefits include:

  • Increasing the value of your home
  • Increasing capacity
  • Reducing the risk of electrical fires & other hazards.

Yes, in most cases you can add an EV charger without upgrading your electrical service. Learn more about the nuances to consider when installing an EV charger without upgrading your panel.

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