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It’s always good to have a backup plan, and that’s especially true when it comes to your home’s power supply. With a backup generator for your home, your lights will stay on even when the power goes out!

Why Install a Backup Generator?

Whether it’s a thunderstorm in the heat of summer or an ice storm in the dead of winter, the weather around Vancouver can threaten your power supply at any time of the year. Don’t be left in the dark fumbling with candles. Here’s what a backup generator can do for you:

Comfort and safety

With a backup generator, the peace of mind is unbeatable. You can stay connected with the outside world, and you can rest assured that your lights, appliances, and HVAC system will stay up and running no matter how dreadful the weather outside becomes. That’s especially important in the winter, when a loss of power means the temperature in your home can start to plummet, putting your family and important utilities like your plumbing at risk. Installing a backup generator means your family can huddle together and ride out the storm without worrying about when the electricity will come back online.

House in winter with backup generator.
Woman calling TCA Electric, an electrician in Vancouver for a backup generator.

Prevent basement flooding

Severe storms can bring heavy rains that threaten to flood your basement. A flooded basement can be very costly, as restoration companies will have to be called in to address water damage — to say nothing of the potential for destroyed photographs and other priceless memories that may be stored in your basement. Most homes in the Vancouver area are equipped with sump pumps to prevent basement flooding, but what happens when your power is knocked out? A backup generator keeps your sump pump running even during the worst severe weather, providing additional protection for your basement suite.

Avoid food spoilage

As soon as the power goes out, the clock starts ticking on the perishable food items in your freezer and refrigerator. Meats, cheeses, and other dairy products are especially at risk, and the heat of summer only serves to accelerate this spoilage. A backup generator will keep your refrigerator running and prevent valuable perishable food items from going bad during a power outage.

Food Spoilage

TCA Electric Knows the What, Where, and How

Our expert electricians at TCA Electric have installed many backup generators for Vancouver homeowners over the years. We’re here to answer your questions and help you make key decisions about the installation process. This includes:

  • Which type of generator to install
  • What size generator is right for your home
  • Where to install your backup generator
At TCA Electric, we want to help families stay safe even through the worst weather conditions. If you’re looking for the peace of mind only a reliable backup generator can offer, contact us today!

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