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Since 2009, TCA Electric has been the most trusted electrician serving North Vancouver. Our experienced and friendly electrical professionals provide a full spectrum of services, from residential to commercial, industrial, and marina electrical work.

Trusted Local Electrician in North Vancouver

Based right here on the North Shore, the TCA Electric team is proud to be the top locally based electrician in North Vancouver. As a full-service electrical contractor, we have a wealth of electrical expertise to cover any needs you have. We’re committed to quality, safety, and supreme customer service across all projects, and we’re ready to make yours a success. Ready to get started? We’d be happy to chat!
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Our Featured North Vancouver Electrical Services

With a full suite of electrical services, our team can meet any electrical needs you may have. Some of our most popular local electrical services in North Vancouver include:

EV Charging Installations

Whether for your home, your business, or a multifamily property, EV charging just makes sense (and dollars). Save money and free yourself from the gas pump with a charging solution installed right where you need it most. Our team has been installing EV chargers since this technology was first introduced, and we can confidently say that we’re Vancouver’s leading experts when it comes to electric vehicle charging devices. Start saving today!

Commercial Electrical Upgrades

Whether you maintain a storefront, a restaurant, an office, or a warehouse, your commercial property has a lot of electrical demands. With so much depending on your commercial property, it’s important to partner with a master electrician you can count on to keep everything running smoothly.

Our skilled electricians have expertise in a wide variety of commercial electrical services, including commercial LED lighting, wiring upgrades and power distribution, office remodels, and more. Commercial buildings use a high volume of electricity—and our team can help ensure you’re as energy efficient as possible while saving money in the process.

Service Upgrades

These days, older electrical panels just can’t keep up with modern electrical demands. Whether you have a dated panel that’s past its prime, you’re installing new high-demand appliances, or you’re making an addition to your home, a service upgrade is a crucial first step to ensure your home is well protected against surges and overuse.

Our team of professional electricians have mastered the electrical panel upgrade. We can take you to 200 amps, 400 amps, or install a new smart panel that will optimize your energy usage.

Why Work with a Local Electrician?

There are many great reasons to choose a local electrician, all of which benefit you as the customer. Here are some of the top benefits of choosing a local contractor:

Knowledge of Local Codes – Building codes and regulations are a major component of electrical safety. Local contractors will know the ins and outs of requirements for homes and businesses in your area, ensuring safe electrical installations and avoiding insurance or legal issues from failing an inspection.

A Reputation in the Community – As a local electrical contractor, we depend on our reputation with folks in our area. When you work with a locally based contractor, you’ll have access to reviews and recommendations from folks right nearby, helping you make the best choice.

Rebates and More – At TCA Electric, we’re very familiar with the rebates and incentives available for various electrical upgrades, from EV charging stations to commercial lighting. By working with a local contractor, you can be confident you’re taking advantage of all the money-saving options available to you.


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Professional Electrician Serving All of North Vancouver

Our service area covers the entire North Vancouver area, including neighbourhoods and districts such as:

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The cost of electrical work in North Vancouver is dependent on the services being provided. Whether you’re looking for an EV charger installation or a boathouse wiring electrical contractor, the price will vary widely. Contact your trusted local North Vancouver electrician to request a custom quote for your unique needs.

Absolutely! TCA Electric proudly serves property owners throughout North Vancouver. 

There are many benefits to upgrading your electrical service to a 200 amp panel. Benefits include:

  • Increasing the value of your home
  • Increasing capacity
  • Reducing the risk of electrical fires & other hazards.

Yes, in most cases you can add an EV charger without upgrading your electrical service. Learn more about the nuances to consider when installing an EV charger without upgrading your panel.

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