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Electrical Planning Report (EPR)

TCA Is Ready to Complete Your Electrical Planning Report

The government of British Columbia has mandated that most strata complexes complete an electrical planning report to further the CleanBC initiative. This report will help to document the electrical capacity and needed upgrades for strata across the province of BC. At TCA Electric, our team has already familiarized ourselves with the EPR requirements and is ready to help your strata corporation prepare for the future! When you choose TCA - you're choosing simplicity and efficiency.

What Is an Electrical Planning Report?

In December of 2023, the government of British Columbia passed an order mandating that strata corporations obtain an electrical planning report. This document, completed by an electrical expert, provides a complete assessment of a strata corporation’s current electrical capacity, future needs, and more.

The purpose of the document is to provide information to further the CleanBC Roadmap to 2030 initiative, which has committed the province to clean energy and, in particular, requires that all new space- and water-heating equipment sold and installed in BC after 2035 will be 100% efficient.

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Plan the Electrical Future of Your Complex

As part of this Roadmap to 2030 initiative, many strata corporations throughout British Columbia will be required to make clean upgrades across many key portions of their building’s operations. The electrical planning report doesn’t just provide information to BC—it is also a way to help strata corporation stakeholders plan for the electrical future of their complexes.

Many needed upgrades will carry significant upfront expenses, and identifying these needs early will help strata corporations plan financially.

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How TCA Can Help

At TCA Electric, our goal is to make the electrical planning report process as streamlined and simple as possible for strata corporations and multifamily complexes throughout our service areas across Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and the surrounding region.

Our licensed and professional electricians are prepared to assemble your complete electrical planning report with all required information, including:

  • Date of the report.
  • Qualifications of the person providing the report.
  • Current capacity and demands on the electrical system.
  • Peak demand and spare capacity.
  • Estimates of electrical capacity needed for future demands and potential upgrades.
  • Practicable steps to reduce demands or increase capacity.

Our Process

Our four-step process for completing the EPR is straightforward, with minimal effort required on the part of our strata clients:

  • Initial Preparation and Checklist Distribution
  • Collection of Load Data
  • Comprehensive Site Evaluation
  • Report Compilation

Get Started Today!

While the electrical planning report may be completed any time before the end of 2026 at the earliest, completing your EPR ahead of this time will improve your ability to financially plan for electrical upgrades that your building may require. Our team at TCA Electric is already hard at work collecting data and compiling reports for strata corporations throughout Vancouver. Get started today to stay ahead of the curve and start planning your building’s electrical future!

Electrical Planning Report FAQs

All strata corporations of 5 or more strata lots must obtain an electrical planning report.

The earliest deadline to complete the electrical planning report is December 31, 2026 for stratas in the Capital Regional District, Fraser Valley District, and the Metro Vancouver Regional District. Stratas in all other areas of BC must complete this report by December 31, 2028.

For strata buildings categorized as Part 9 (“Simple”) by the BC Building Code, the electrical planning report may be completed by a licensed electrician, an electrical engineer, or an applied science technologist. For Part 3 (“Complex”) buildings, only an electrical engineer or applied science technologist may complete the report. TCA is thrilled to offer a streamlined process for your Part 3 building report! We’re proud to have an experienced electrical engineer with our team, allowing us to deliver comprehensive Part 3 reports managed entirely in-house. This means you only need to contact TCA – we handle everything for a seamless experience.  

No. Although these documents may contain some overlapping information, the EPR will be mandatory for certain stratas, while the EV Ready Plan is only required to be eligible for certain EV charging rebates.

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