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Teslas are a major player in the seismic uprising of the “Greentech” energy movement. They are known as durable, eco-friendly, and fashionable cars. Tesla’s vehicle deliveries reached nearly 500,000 in 2020 and nearly doubled to more than 930,000 in 2021. This has made Tesla the global leader in Electric Vehicles. While many consumers are still intimidated to make the switch to charging over fossil fuel, the pros certainly outweigh the cons—especially when adding a Tesla wall charger to your home!

Residential and Commercial Tesla Wall Chargers

Whether you’re interested in a Tesla wall charger for residential or commercial use, you’ve come to the right place! Having installed hundreds of Tesla wall chargers, in both residential and commercial capacities, we are Vancouver’s go-to Tesla wall charger expert. Not sure which level is right for your needs? Available in three levels, there is an ideal application for each type of Tesla wall charger.

By making the switch to Tesla charging stations or wall chargers, your benefits will include:

Telsa Wall Charger North Vancouver

Tesla wall chargers: Levels 1 through 3

Level 1

Level 1 charging, otherwise known as “trickle charging,” utilizes a standard 120-volt electric applicant. 120-volt outlets are the standard and most used outlet in ordinary households, making this the universal option. Delivering 12 amps, the Level 1 charger can provide around 65 km of range in an overnight charge of 8 hours.

Level 2

Level 2 chargers are typically the most effective for home or business use, delivering between 3.3 to 17.2 kW of power, enabling you to gain 16 to 83 km per hour of charging. Requiring a 240-volt power outlet, a Level 2 is ideal for the homeowner looking for a fast at-home charge.

Level 3

Level 3 chargers need 480-volt outlets. These are the highest in power and require outlets accessible at public stations and are not enabled for homeowners. A Level 3 charger can charge a Tesla Model 3 from 5 to 90 percent in a mere 37 minutes.

Your Tesla charging station color guide:

  • Green: Charging is done.
  • Green (blinking): The Tesla is currently charging. The closer the battery gets to being full, the light will flash green.
  • Blue: The Tesla senses there is a charger connected.
  • Blue (blinking): The Tesla is transmitting with the connector. It is either preparing for a charge or has a charging session scheduled for a specific time.
  • White: The charging port flap is opened. Your Tesla is prepared to charge, but it shows no sign of a connector cord inserted. An alternative reason is that the latch is freed, and the connector is ready to be moved elsewhere.
  • Gold-colored: The connector is not fully connected. Re-adjust the cord to fit the charging port.
  • Blinking gold: Your Tesla is charging at a smaller electrical current (AC charging).
  • Red: There is a fault detected within the system, and the charging has stopped until further notice. Make sure to check the panels and touchscreens for an error message.

Learn more about Troubleshooting Your Home Tesla Charger at this link!

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