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Single Family EV Charging Installation

Upgrade your EV experience with a home EV charger!

Electric vehicles offer incredible savings and freedom compared to their gas-powered counterparts. A home EV charger installed by TCA can help you get more out of your EV ownership experience—all for about the price of a smartphone.

Fill Up Your Vehicle Right from Home

One of the major benefits of an electric vehicle is freedom from the gas pump. Without a home EV charger, however, you’re still at the mercy of third-party charging options, which can be inconveniently located, potentially crowded, and more expensive than home charging options. With a single-family EV charger, you can charge your vehicle right from your garage, paying less for your charge while enjoying the total convenience of filling up at home.

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Not Enough Power? You Have Options!

Every electrical panel is different, and some homes may not have enough power to support a new Level 2 EV charger. While a service upgrade is generally a wise move in this case, there are alternative options to better fit your budget! 

A load management unit will measure the amount of power being used by your home and prevent overloads by only allowing your vehicle to charge during times of day with less usage. Meanwhile, a load miser can be installed that will switch power between your EV charger and another high-power device or appliance, such as a dryer or electric oven. No matter your budget or situation, the EV charging experts at TCA can help find the right EV charging solution for you!

TCA Installs a Variety of Home EV Chargers

When you call on TCA Electric for your home EV charger installation, you get a team of true EV charging experts. The TCA team has worked with many different EV chargers, which means you’ll have a host of options to choose from! For Tesla owners, the Gen 3 wall connector is a great choice, while owners of EVs from other manufacturers will love the flexibility of charging options from FLO. We also install charging solutions from SWTCH and Grizzl-E!

While Tesla remains the most popular manufacturer in the electric vehicle industry, there are many excellent EV options out there from makers like Ford, Nissan, Chevrolet, and more. So at TCA, we offer EV charger installation options to suit all of these great options! Our EV charging experts offer professional installation of both Tesla wall chargers, the ideal charging solution for any Tesla owner, and FLO EV chargers, which offer unmatched compatibility with a long list of electric vehicle models.

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Take Advantage of Home EV Charger Rebates

To encourage a faster switch from gas-powered to electric vehicles, there are frequent tax deductions, benefits, and rebates offered for EV ownership and related expenses. The BC Hydro EV charger rebate program has been approved for further funding and applications are now open!

This BC Hydro program offers homeowners rebates of up to $350 for 50% of the cost to purchase and install a home EV charger. This rebate is available to owners of single-family homes, as well as those in duplexes and townhomes. If you need help filling out your application, TCA’s experts are standing by to answer your questions! 

Home EV Charger FAQs

What is the difference between a Level 1 and a Level 2 charger?

A Level 1 charger is the same as a typical 15-amp, 120-volt outlet you would find on the wall in your home. This can take up to 12-20 hours to fully charge an EV battery. A Level 2 charger operates at up to twice the voltage at 240 volts. It can come in a range of amperage settings depending on the charger, from a rating of 20 amps up to 100 amps. The charging times of a Level 2 charger can vary from 6-14 hours.

If I do not have enough power for my charger at this time, can I adjust it to use less power?

Yes, in some chargers there is an adjustable control, which can only be accessed by opening the unit by a licensed electrician.

Do I need to upgrade my electrical service if I don’t have enough power for my Level 2 charger?

Not always! There are a few workarounds in the event that your home doesn’t have enough power. For example, electrical equipment can be installed to divert power from large household appliances that are not in use at the time of charging.

Do I need a managed charger?

No, unless you want to monitor the amount of power you are consuming or you’d like to control the charger remotely.

Is there 24-hour support available?

Yes, most EV charger manufacturers provide full 24-hour support.

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