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5 Ways Your North Vancouver Electricians Can Keep You Warm

This past February was the coldest on record in Vancouver. Extreme prolonged cold temperatures can expose your home’s weak points when it comes to keeping the frigid outdoors at bay. At TCA Electric, we know a thing or two about fending off the cold. Today, we’re going to show you how your North Vancouver electricians can help you and your family stay warm when temperatures drop. Let’s get started!

Heating Installation

If your home is constantly chilly, you’re probably due for a new heating system. While this carries a significant upfront cost, newer systems can save you money in the long run. Centralized heating is more efficient than radiators, and thermostats let you keep more precise control over the temperature; even while you’re away. You can also reduce energy usage by using adjustable vents to cut off heat from rooms you aren’t using.

Service Upgrades and Rewiring

Many people beat the chill of winter by strategically placing space heaters throughout their homes. However, you might find that running space heaters can cause your power bill to soar while posing unnecessary safety hazards. An inspection of your home’s wiring may very well be in order. An experienced Vancouver electrician will be well-equipped for the job and ready to provide service upgrades that will keep the harsh winter from pushing your home’s electrical capacity to its limits.

Generator Installation

It’s always inconvenient when the power goes out – but during winter, it’s downright scary. Extended outages can cause the temperature in your house to plummet to dangerous levels. Even if you have somewhere else to go, frozen pipes can cause massive, costly damage to your plumbing. Ask your Vancouver electrician about backup generator options to keep the heat running while the power is out – and to give you peace of mind.

Fuse Box Upgrade

Fuse boxes prevent fire-causing overloads to your home’s electrical system. However, there are several good reasons to consider upgrading your fuse box to a circuit breaker. Replacing fuses can be tedious, while a circuit breaker enables you to simply flip a switch to get things back online. What’s more, if you install the wrong-sized fuse, you risk causing a fire. Finally, circuit breakers allow you to install GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters), which protect you and your family from electrocution. Winter makes it more important than ever to have the right fail-safe in place to protect your home from electrical fires, so consider an upgrade if your home still depends on a fuse box.

Hot Tub: 5 Ways Your Vancouver Electricians Can Keep You WarmHot Tubs and Spa Hookups

Sometimes beating the chill is less about keeping rooms warm and more about keeping you warm and comfortable. There’s nothing cozier than lowering yourself into a steaming hot tub while snow and temperatures fall. Unfortunately, installing a new hot tub or spa isn’t simple, and sellers won’t often do the hot tub installation for you. Thankfully, any licensed Vancouver electrician can assist in hooking up your new haven and giving you a bubbly, relaxing, and – most importantly – warm place to spend time in the winter.

TCA Electric: Your Reliable North Vancouver Electrician

We at TCA Electric know how important it is to have your home’s electrical system running smoothly in the winter. As your trusted Vancouver electrician, we’re ready to help you with any upgrades or installations you might need. We offer a wide range of services carried out by a full staff of licensed, professional electricians. Contact us today to find out all the ways we can keep you warm, from system upgrades to installations – to that warm, fuzzy feeling you get from great service!


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