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EV Rebate List

Take Advantage of EV Rebates

As the push for greater EV adoption sweeps across Canada, more and more rebates have become available. Thanks to these rebates and more, there’s never been a better time to install EV chargers for your fleet!

BC Hydro EV charger installation

Take Advantage of BC Hydro's Home EV Charger Rebate

To encourage a faster switch from gas-powered to electric vehicles, there are frequent tax deductions, benefits, and rebates offered for EV ownership and related expenses. The BC Hydro EV charger rebate program has been approved for further funding and applications are still open!

This BC Hydro program offers homeowners rebates of up to $350 for 50% of the cost to purchase and install a home EV charger. Costs eligible for this rebate include the purchase cost of the EV charger, labour costs for installation by a licensed electrical contractor, and any necessary permitting costs.

To receive the rebate, an application must be submitted within 90 days of purchasing and installing an eligible EV charger. Get in touch with TCA Electric today, and we’ll help you choose the right charger for your needs and complete your rebate application!

CleanBC Go Electric Public Charger Program

With many EV charging rebates available, adding public EV charging stations to your property is more affordable than ever. While rebates have traditionally applied more to home EV charging stations, these programs have begun expanding to the commercial sector. 

BC Hydro public charger rebate program

A subprogram of BC Hydro’s CleanBC Go Electric rebate, the Public Charger Program aims to increase the availability of public fast-charging stations and improve access by filling in gaps within underserved areas. This includes a particular focus on adding chargers within Indigenous communities and in rural locations.

Precise rebate amounts vary depending on the output of the Direct Current Fast Chargers (DCFCs), as well as the location or community in which they are installed.

Up to $80,000 per charge port available

Funding starts at $20,000 per <50 kW DCFC installation, and ranges up to $80,000 per >100 kW charge port. These rebates can cover up to 50% of total project costs, including purchasing, planning, and installation costs.

Up to $130,000 per charge port for Indigenous communities

In order to improve access to fast charging locations within historically underserved Indigenous communities, larger incentives are available for public charger installation. Indigenous communities can receive up to $130,000 per >100 kW charge port, and these rebates may cover up to 90% of total project costs.

Prepare your application today!

Applications for this program are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year. The next deadline to apply is expected in spring of 2022. Start preparing your application today!

Graphic describing the public charger program from CleanBC
Green painted CMU wall with electrical vehicle chargers mounted

Workplace EV Charging Rebate

As the push for greater EV adoption sweeps across Canada, more and more rebates have become available. Thanks to these rebates and more, there’s never been a better time to install EV chargers for your fleet!

BC Hydro Rebates

The BC Hydro CleanBC Go Electric EV charger rebate program includes incentives for workplace EV charging stations. The program offers workplaces a rebate of 50% of the cost to purchase and install eligible Level 2 networked EV chargers for employee use, (to a maximum of $2,000 per charger and $14,000 total). Pre-approval from BC Hydro is required prior to purchasing and/or installing chargers.

If your business has multiple locations, applications can be submitted for up to four, netting a total maximum project rebate of $56,000! The program also includes five hours of consultation and planning from an EV charging expert. Pre-approval is needed before installation and requires a quote from a licensed electrical contractor. 

BC Hydro Rebates for Multifamily EV Chargers

The CleanBC Go Electric Program from BC Hydro aims to encourage EV adoption through a robust set of rebates for not just multifamily EV chargers, but also the electrical upgrades that may be necessary before a building can support EV charging. 

EV Ready plan

Not every building is prepared to support EV charging capabilities. The BC Hydro rebate plan provides for this in a couple of ways. The first is the EV Ready plan rebate, which covers up to 75%, or $3,000, for the costs of consulting with a licensed contractor and creating a professional plan for making a multifamily residential complex “EV Ready.” 

EV Ready infrastructure

The EV Ready infrastructure rebate provides funds for the necessary upgrades outlined in the EV Ready plan, covering up to 50% of costs, up to a maximum of $600 per parking spot and $120,000 for the entire project.

EV Charger rebates

Finally, this program also includes rebates for the purchase and installation of eligible EV chargers for multifamily residential buildings. Those who participated in the EV Ready rebates can receive up to $1,400 per charger (to a maximum of $14,000 per apartment complex), while those who did not can receive up to $2,000 per charger (to a maximum of $14,000).

ev charger installed after bc hydro rebate

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