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Commercial Electric Car Charger Installation

Charging solutions for your business or your EV fleet

With more and more electric vehicles hitting the road in BC, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your commercial property with commercial electric car charger installation services from TCA Electric.

Commercial EV Charging Just Makes Good Business Sense!

No matter what kind of business or property you own, commercial electric car charger installation just makes sense for your bottom line. If you operate a fleet of company vehicles, switching to EVs can save a great deal of money compared to gas-powered vehicles. For those with rental properties and strata, EV chargers can attract environmentally minded tenants while generating revenue. And if you own a storefront, adding commercial EV charging stations can provide an additional source of revenue to be used for your business!

In addition to these benefits, you can also enjoy:

  • Convenient charging—your fleet will be ready to go each morning
  • Tax benefits and incentives for green upgrades
  • Improved perception of your business as sustainable and forward-thinking
  • An attractive amenity for employees, customers, and tenants alike
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EV Incentives: There’s Never Been a Better Time to Upgrade!

As more drivers have begun making the switch to electric vehicles here in BC, the incentives for adding EV chargers have increased with this boost in demand. While incentives previously focused on single-family EV chargers, many organizations have now pivoted their focus to incentivizing commercial electric car charger installation. This includes incentives for workplace EV chargers, multi-unit residential chargers, and public EV charging stations!

EV chargers have always made good financial sense, as the savings on gas add up to pay for the cost of upgrading over time. Now, though, rebates and incentives ensure that you can start saving even sooner! Talk to TCA’s EV charging experts today about what incentives you may be eligible for.

A Wide Selection of Commercial Charging Options

For business owners and building managers alike, adding electric vehicle charging stations is an excellent way to upgrade your commercial operation. Level 2 chargers enable employees to fully charge during the workday, while tenants can charge overnight. For larger commercial operations, especially those with a significant fleet of vehicles, Level 3 charging stations provide fast charging to keep your fleet fully operational around the clock.

Our EV charging experts at TCA Electric can help you decide on the right number of electric vehicle charging stations for your commercial building—a number that both meets your current needs and leaves plenty of room for scalability. We’ll even help with any load capacity upgrades you might need. Whether you’re upgrading your company’s fleet to electric vehicles or looking to attract new tenants to a multi-family residential building, TCA Electric can help!

FLO electric vehicle charging
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Compatibility With Many EV Makes and Models

While Tesla remains the leader in EVs, makers like Ford, Nissan, Chevrolet, and more have begun capturing large parts of the market space. At TCA, we offer EV charger installation options that can provide compatibility with any EV manufacturer you like. We provide professional installation of Tesla chargers and FLO EV chargers, as well as charging solutions from brands like SWTCH and Grizzl-E!

Get Your EV Charger from the EV Charging Experts!

Why choose TCA Electric for your commercial electric car charger installation? Glad you asked! For years, TCA has led the charge (pun intended!) in helping Vancouver’s thousands of drivers get the most out of their EV ownership experience. 

From tenant properties to businesses, we’ve provided expert EV charging solutions in a variety of commercial settings. We work with a wide variety of brands and devices, enabling us to provide the perfect charging solution for your exact needs. Whether you need speed, affordability, compatibility, or some combination of these traits, we’ll provide our top recommendations and get right to work!

Ready to get started with your commercial EV charging installation? TCA Electric is standing by to help plan your upgrade. Contact us today!

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