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BC Hydro EV Ready Plan Explained

BC Hydro Approved Further Funding for the EV Ready Plan Rebate

We received exciting news toward the end of 2023, as BC Hydro secured further funding for their CleanBC Go Electric EV charger rebate program. This rebate program has provided rebates for single-family homeowners, business owners, and stakeholders of multifamily strata. With the renewed funding, rebates for all parts of the program are available again, including the BC Hydro EV Ready Plan.

At TCA Electric, we’ve worked hard to be Vancouver’s leading EV charging experts. We’ve been delighted by the immense support for EV charging that the BC Hydro rebates have brought. While it’s sometimes a lesser mentioned portion of the program, the BC Hydro EV Ready Plan is a crucial step to help multifamily building owners to plan and execute electrical infrastructure upgrades and EV charger installation projects. Here’s what you should know about this portion of the BC Hydro rebate program and how TCA can help!

What Is the BC Hydro EV Ready Plan?

The EV Ready Plan is a document required by BC Hydro in order for multifamily strata and townhomes to be eligible for EV Ready infrastructure rebates. This document establishes a plan of action to upgrade a multifamily building (or buildings) in order to put the electrical infrastructure in place that is necessary to support EV charging stations.

In other words, the EV Ready Plan is intended to lay the groundwork for both electrical infrastructure upgrades and EV charger installations, and it enables strata projects to be eligible for significant rebates.

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How Much Can I Receive for the EV Ready Plan?

As part of BC Hydro’s significant EV charger rebate program, creation of the EV Ready Plan by a licensed and qualified electrician is eligible for a rebate. The rebate covers up to 75% of the cost (to a maximum of $3,000) to create a full EV Ready Plan.

At TCA Electric, we charge $4,000 for this service, meaning our customers will receive $3,000 in rebates for the EV Ready Plan when working with our team.

Why Should I Have an EV Ready Plan?

For many multifamily buildings and townhome complexes, current electrical infrastructure is not sufficient to support the installation of electric vehicle charging stations. This means upgrades will be needed before EV chargers may be installed—and planning these needed electrical upgrades can get complicated quickly.

Since the planning phase of these upgrades could be a hindrance to installing EV chargers, BC Hydro has accounted for this hurdle by providing significant rebates for both the EV Ready Plan and the infrastructure upgrades outlined within the plan your electrician creates.

The BC Hydro EV Ready Plan makes sense for many owners of multifamily buildings and townhomes. While smaller buildings and complexes or those with only modest EV charging needs may not require infrastructure upgrades, most will, and the EV Ready Plan is a prerequisite for the infrastructure rebate from BC Hydro.

Contact TCA Electric to Get Started!

In order to put together an EV Ready Plan and take full advantage of the BC Hydro rebates, you’ll need to partner with a licensed and qualified electrical contractor. Here at TCA Electric, we’ve helped many multifamily strata take full advantage of the incredible cost savings available to add electrical infrastructure and EV charging stations to their properties. 

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the application process and we can help walk you through step by step. With our depth of EV charging experience, we’ll help ensure your new charging array will provide a much-needed amenity for tenants now and into the future. 

EV rebates are available once more, but it’s crucial to apply right away. Reach out to TCA now to get started!

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