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Electrical Work Gone Wrong: Common Signs of Electrical Issues

Do You Know the Common Signs of Electrical Problems?

Electrical work isn’t always done properly, and when part of your electrical system malfunctions as a result it may leave you scrambling to find “electrical repairs near me.” Unfortunately, here at TCA Electric we’ve been called in many times to complete electrical repairs after others have cut corners in completing electrical work. 

Sometimes improper electrical work can go unnoticed, but there are often warning signs that something is amiss. Here are a few common signs of electrical issues that are cause to contact an electrician “near me” about electrical repairs.

An electrical device that does not seem to operate

Electrical devices can fail to work properly for any number of reasons. Sometimes, however, it’s not a problem with the device itself, but rather with your home’s electrical systems.

If an electrical device does not function, try using it in other areas of your home. You may find that it works perfectly well when plugged into another outlet. This likely means that the first outlet isn’t functioning.

If it’s a switch that doesn’t seem to be operating, try replacing the bulb or swapping out the electrical device operated by that switch. If it still doesn’t work, there’s likely something wrong with the switch itself. In either case, it’s time to contact an electrician.

An outlet that is hot to the touch

It’s not necessarily abnormal for an electrical device to be warm while it operates. Electrical current produces residual heat—this is why devices such as computers and refrigerators need proper ventilation, fans, and other means of cooling themselves.

However, if an outlet becomes hot to the touch, this may be a sign of electrical issues. It’s important to never overload an outlet by plugging in too many devices. But one or two devices should not cause an outlet to overheat. If you have outlets that become extremely hot during normal operations, this is likely a sign of faulty installation. Stop using the outlet and contact your trusted electrician “near me” about electrical repairs!

Appliances or lights turning on and off sporadically

Devices or lights turning on and off seemingly at random can indicate that something is wrong with your electrical system.

If you notice lights or devices turning off and on, you should first establish that it isn’t a problem with the device itself. Make sure the lightbulb is securely fastened, or try replacing it to see if the same thing happens with a new bulb. Similarly, try plugging in your device or appliance elsewhere, or plug in a different appliance in the same location.

If the problem persists, this can be a sign of electrical issues such as faulty wiring or an otherwise poor connection. Luckily, a professional electrician should be able to resolve the problem without too much trouble!

Breakers frequently tripping

Circuit breakers are designed to prevent dangerous overloads that could lead to hazards such as electrical fires or blowouts. While breakers tripping occasionally may be nothing to worry about—after all, this means they’re doing their job—frequent trips are a sign of larger electrical problems.

If your circuit breaker is on the older side, it’s likely a sign that your home’s electrical demand is near the maximum output for your electrical panel. Older 100-amp panels, for example, have a hard time keeping up with the electrical demands of modern life. 

If your circuit breaker was installed more recently, however, this may point to faulty installation. In this case, it’s important to contact an electrician about electrical repairs “near me” right away. Your electrical panel is the first line of defense against major electrical problems, so an improperly installed panel is a major concern that should be addressed immediately.

TCA Electric: Your Trusted Contractor for Electrical Repairs “Near Me”!

At TCA Electric, we provide a wide array of residential electrical services to address all your needs as a Vancouver homeowner. This includes reliable electrical repairs for when your home’s electrical systems aren’t functioning properly. Our licensed and qualified electricians are experts when it comes to diagnosing and successfully addressing all electrical issues to ensure the safety of your family.

Is your home showing signs of electrical problems? Contact us today to schedule an inspection!

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