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Key Questions an EV Charging Installer Should be Asking You

Here Are the Questions Your EV Charger Installer Will Need You to Answer

As a top EV charger installer in Vancouver, we’re well-versed in helping our EV charging customers get the most from their charging experience. That means making sure our customers get the right charger that provides the right amount of charge to meet the demands of their household—all installed in a way that seamlessly integrates with their home’s existing electrical system.

For our team here at TCA Electric, providing the best EV charging installation experience all starts with asking the right questions. Getting the information we need helps us to plan out the ideal project for our clients each and every time. Here are some of the key questions your EV charger installer should be asking to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

Will More Than One Car Use Your Charger?

Different chargers are better-suited to charging multiple vehicles than others. For example, some chargers will require an adapter to be compatible with certain types of vehicles, while other chargers are “dual” chargers that can even provide multiple vehicles with Level 2 charging at the same time. If you have multiple EVs—or you plan to purchase another in the near future—you should definitely bring this to the attention of your EV charging electrician.

Where Do You Usually Park?

To make your charging experience as convenient as possible, it’s best to install your charger near the location where you typically park your car. For some drivers this may be the garage, while others may use their garage for other purposes and leave vehicles in the driveway.

What’s most important here is distance from the preferred charging location. For example, if you prefer to have your charger installed in the garage, but you typically park in the driveway, considerations will have to be made for the length of your charger’s cord.

Where Is Your Main Electrical Panel?

EV chargers must be connected directly to your electrical panel in order to supply enough charge to your vehicle. In some cases, your electrical panel may be located relatively close to your charging location. If not, your EV charger installer will need to plan ahead and determine how best to run wiring or conduit from your charging location to your main electrical panel.

Do You Prefer Wall-Mounted Wiring to Save on Costs or Hidden Wiring to Maintain Your Home’s Aesthetic?

EV charger installations can be adjusted to suit the needs of every home and homeowner. For some, it’s very important to maintain the aesthetic of their home—and running wiring or conduit along the wall may not be preferred. In this case, your electrician can instead open up your walls to hide as many electrical components as possible. If you prefer to save on installation costs, however, wiring can also be run along the outside of your walls, avoiding the expense of opening up your walls.

Do You Plan to Have More Than One Charger in the Future?

If you’ll need your home EV charging setup expanded in the future, now is the time to mention it. EV chargers require significant amounts of power, which may even necessitate upgrading your panel and electrical service. However, if you know you’re planning to add another charger, your electrician will be able to help choose an electrical panel with enough capacity for your future needs.

In addition, opening up your walls and running wiring from your electrical panel can be a tricky (and expensive) process—but it becomes much more expensive if you need to do it twice. Knowing you plan to add another charger means your EV charger installer can lay the groundwork for that additional device to be installed much more easily—and inexpensively—in the future.

Is It Important to Have a Charger That Features a Connected App?

Some EV charging devices have “smart” capabilities. This often includes WiFi compatibility and a connected app through which you can monitor the charger’s usage, how charged your EV is, and other important information. 

These chargers are typically a bit more expensive than an ordinary EV charger, so it’s important for your installer to establish what features are (or aren’t) important to you.

Will This Charger Be Used Exclusively by You, or a Tenant Also?

For those with a multifamily property, it may be the case that you and a tenant (or tenants) will also be using your EV charger. If this is the case, it’s possible for your electrician to install your charger as a managed system that your tenant can only access after setting up payment access. This managed system will still allow you to charge your vehicle whenever you like.

TCA Electric: The EV Charger Installer Asking All the Right Questions!

At TCA Electric, we make it a point to ensure our customers get exactly what they want from the electrical upgrades we install in their homes. Owning an electric vehicle is all about freedom from the gas pump and cost savings, and a home EV charger is the key to unlocking those amazing benefits. Our team of licensed, qualified, and friendly electricians carefully plans out every EV charger installation we complete, asking all the questions we need to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking to join the EV revolution, TCA Electric can get you there! Contact us today to get started.

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