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Key Considerations When Installing a Multifamily EV Charging Station

Here’s what you should know about multifamily EV charging stations

With electric vehicles growing ever more popular, EV charging station installation has become a commonly requested service for professional electricians. Early on, EV chargers were a luxury commodity, before home EV chargers became more affordable. Now, electric vehicle charging stations are in high demand for the home, for workplaces, and for many other locations. 

Adding EV charging stations to multifamily residential buildings and strata housing is a great way to serve the needs of green-minded tenants. However, planning out an EV charging station installation project can be difficult on your own. There are many important factors to consider before any chargers can be installed. So if you’re interested in adding EV chargers to your multifamily property, here are some key considerations to keep in mind! 

What are the benefits of EV chargers for strata housing?

First, let’s briefly answer an important question: Why install EV chargers at all? An EV charging setup will carry an upfront cost, both for the devices and their installation, so it’s important to understand the benefits beforehand. Here are a handful of key benefits EV chargers provide for multifamily housing:

  • Convenient charging for EV owners, which helps keep tenants happy
  • A green-minded and sought-after amenity that can help attract new tenants
  • Frequently available incentives, including rebates and potential tax breaks, depending on your location and offerings at any given time
  • Flexible billing solutions that can help recoup costs over time

How many EV chargers will I need?

The right number of EV chargers for a given property can vary greatly. One factor, of course, is how many tenants you have, as well as how many tenants currently drive electric vehicles. As you consider these questions, you’ll also want to consider the future. How many more EV owners do you predict you’ll have as tenants in future years? Finally, the number of chargers that can be installed on your property will also depend on other factors such as the layout and available power.

Know your options for EV charging station installation rebates

One of the most important considerations for installing EV chargers in strata housing is funding. Luckily, there are many different rebates that are frequently available for EV charger installation projects, including multifamily EV chargers. 

Perhaps the most relevant rebates for multifamily residential property owners are from BC Hydro’s program. This program includes incentives for developing an EV charger installation plan, rebates for chargers, and rebates to cover electrical upgrades that may be necessary to make a building EV ready. In addition, rebates for multifamily EV charging station installation projects have also been available from NRCAN and Plug In BC! 

Decide on a billing strategy

Multifamily EV charging setups allow for flexible billing options. The right billing strategy can depend on your setup, as well. For example, if charging spots will be shared among EV drivers, an app-based billing system will likely be best. This allows multiple drivers to use different parking spots while being billed accurately for charges. 

Additionally, you have the freedom to choose and adjust billing rates. It may make sense to raise or lower the rates for charging, depending on your given situation. Flexible billing allows property owners or building managers to set prices appropriately.

Not Sure Where to Start? TCA Electric Can Help!

Planning out a complete EV charging system for a multifamily residential building or complex can be tricky. What’s more, we’ve only scratched the surface of important factors to consider here in this blog post. 

Luckily, the qualified electricians at TCA Electric are Vancouver’s EV charging experts! We’ve installed EV charging setups for homes, businesses, multifamily buildings, and more. Our experience has taught us a great deal about the ins and outs of EV charging station installation, and we’re standing by to share that knowledge with you! Contact us today to start planning your EV charging strategy.

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