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How Much Does a Tesla Charging Station Cost?

Learn what you can expect a Tesla charging station to cost

Tesla’s electric vehicles continue to lead the charge as the popularity of EVs soars. Along with this popularity has come an interest in Tesla charging stations, as these are the ideal way to get the most out of a Tesla vehicle. But of course, for most current or prospective Tesla owners, there’s still one major question: How much does a Tesla charging station cost?

Here at TCA Electric, we specialize in home EV charger installation, including Tesla’s excellent charging options. We’ve installed a variety of chargers in a variety of situations, and we’ve come to learn that the installation cost can vary quite a bit. So in today’s post, we’re sharing some of the major factors that affect the cost of a Tesla charging station. Let’s jump in!

What kind of Tesla charger do you need?

Tesla offers Level I, Level II, and Level III chargers. If you were deciding between all three of these, the cost would vary quite a bit; after all, the Level I charger comes standard with any of their electric vehicles, while the cost of a Level III charger, also called a supercharger, is in the tens of thousands.

Most drivers, however, will be considering the Level II charging station. These chargers are intended to provide faster charging than the basic Level I chargers while remaining affordable enough for home use.

How much does a Level II Tesla charging station cost?

A Gen 3 wall connector, Tesla’s latest Level II charger, costs about $700 for the unit itself. The total cost will include both the price of the unit and the cost of installation, however—and this is where other factors can come into play.

How many chargers will you need to install?

Depending on your needs, you may need more than one Tesla charging station. For example, those looking to install workplace EV charging stations for their company fleet or for employee use will likely need several charging stations, and potentially a significant power upgrade. 

For households with multiple Tesla vehicles, however, the cost to accommodate each of these vehicles has decreased. That’s because the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector now has power sharing capabilities. This allows for up to four wall chargers to share power, enabling multiple vehicles to charge at once while using the power equivalent of one charger.

Does your home have enough power to accommodate a Tesla charger?

As with any new electrical device, a Tesla charging station will demand additional power from your home’s electrical system. EV chargers are particularly demanding. This means that a service upgrade may be necessary before installing a Tesla charging station, which will increase the overall installation cost.

However, there are some alternatives to a service upgrade that can help reduce the cost of adding a Tesla charger:

  • An Electric Vehicle Energy Management System allows both another appliance or device and the EV charger to use the same circuit at the same time. However, when the appliance and the EV charger demand 80% of the power rating, the EV charger drops off to prevent overloading.
  • A Transfer Switch also allows both a device or appliance and the EV charger to be connected to the same circuit, with only one receiving power at any given time. Typically the EV charger shares with an appliance such as a dryer, which is less likely to be needed at the same time that the electric vehicle is charging.

Contact TCA Electric for an EV Charger Installation Estimate!

As you can see, the cost of installing a Tesla charging station varies based on a variety of factors. The number of chargers you’re looking to install, the need for additional upgrades, and even factors such as the accessibility of your preferred charging location can all bring the grand total up or down. For an accurate estimate based on your needs and situation, it’s best to contact a licensed and qualified electrician. 

TCA Electric is Vancouver’s leading EV charging experts, and we’ve helped many EV owners get the most from their electric vehicles. We’re standing by to take your call and answer any questions you might have about installation costs or the installation process! Contact us today for a quote.

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