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Project Spotlight: Britannia Wastewater Treatment Plant

Here’s How TCA Repaired Industrial Systems f0r Britannia Mine

At TCA Electric, our expertise covers all areas of electrical work, from residential and commercial to marina and industrial electrical projects. Each dimension of electrical work carries different demands, but our highly adaptable contractors have the skills to cover it all. In today’s Project Spotlight, we’re sharing a project that demonstrates why our customers trust us as the most reliable industrial electrician “near me.” This project highlights the careful planning, attention to detail, and commitment to safety we bring to every jobsite. Come see how we did!

Our Client: Britannia Mine Water Treatment Plant

For this project, we were called in by Britannia Mine to their Water Treatment Plant for general repair and maintenance work. They reached out to us online after researching industrial electricians “near me” and identifying TCA Electric as a standout among electricians in our service area

Britannia Mine has been in operation for decades, and their wastewater treatment facility is among the most important pieces of the entire operation. Since mining can produce many different pollutants, keeping the wastewater treatment plant fully operational is crucial to a cleaner BC.

The Project: R&M for Various Industrial Electrical Systems

This was a general industrial repair and maintenance (or R&M) project, and Britannia provided us with an extensive list of areas in their facility that needed attention. This included various fans not functioning, lighting issues, pumps malfunctioning or not operating, and general system control issues. All of these electrical issues were interfering with their day-to-day operations, and it was crucial that our team restore all electrical systems to full functionality without delay.

The Challenges: Learning a New Electrical System

One of the most common challenges with a new industrial electrical project is the need to first understand how all portions of the electrical system fit together. Since TCA Electric had never visited this site before, we would need to be well-versed in their electrical systems, carefully tracing and learning how the site operated at full functionality. 

This would be especially important for resolving the system control issues Britannia was facing, but would also be needed in order to safely make changes and repairs to electrical components throughout the facility.

The Result: All Systems Go!

With such a large facility and a long list of tasks and repairs to complete, this project took a great deal of concentration. Our team was more than up to the task, however, dividing and conquering as needed to get the project completed. 

Project Manager John Urrea oversaw the project and focused his own efforts on troubleshooting the electrical control system, as well as completing repairs as needed. Michael Malihan acted as site lead, and he took charge of installing and repairing general electrical components throughout the Britannia facility.

Our team set to work under the site’s ongoing operating permit, restoring various electrical components one by one. To resolve the control issues, we first troubleshooted the control system before rerouting the existing control power, bringing the system to full functionality. In the end, all systems were go for this job site, with all repairs and maintenance completed successfully!

TCA Electric: Your Go-to Industrial Electrician “Near Me”!

Industrial electrical work requires a great deal of coordination, problem-solving know-how, and flexibility. Industrial sites can present a wide variety of electrical problems—so it takes a highly skilled electrician to resolve them all!

At TCA Electric, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and well-rounded skill set, two qualities that make us the top industrial electrician you’ll find “near me.” Our licensed and qualified team has the knowledge and electrical talents to complete any project, large or small, and we’ll carefully coordinate with your team to minimize disruptions to critical day-to-day operations. 

If your list of industrial electrical R&M needs is starting to look more like a shopping list, we can help! Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

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