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Inexpensive Residential Electrical Upgrades that Add Wow Factor

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or impress your guests, adding “Wow!” factor can go a long way. But while pools, decks, and marble flooring will certainly elicit oohs and aahs, they’ll also make you say “Ouch!” the next time you check your account balance. Our TCA Electric team has experience with just about every residential electrical service you can think of, and we’re very familiar with how big of an impact many inexpensive upgrades can have. So, what residential electrical service or upgrade will get you the most “Wow!” for your buck? Let’s take a look!

Lighting upgrades

When it comes to making a home look more impressive without breaking the bank, lighting is the first avenue to consider. We often talk about the benefits of LED lighting on our blog. With superior efficiency and durability, LED lighting really is a no-brainer. What’s more, these fixtures become more affordable every year, and LED lighting installation is a fairly simple and widely available residential electrical service.

In addition to replacing existing lights with LEDs, you might also consider adding decorative lighting. Outdoor soffit lights add elegance and curb appeal to your home, and the safety benefits of outdoor lighting shouldn’t be overlooked either. Adding dimmer switches allow you to customize the mood of any space in your home, while colored or recessed lighting can make any area of your home more striking.

Smart home features

It’s hard to get more “Wow!” than home automation and other smart home upgrades. Whether it’s a smart TV, smart thermostat, or a smart home hub like the Amazon Echo or Google Home, making your home smarter is sure to impress homebuyers and visitors alike. What’s more, smart home upgrades pair very well with many of the other items on this list, and you can get that “Wow!” effect from just a simple gadget or two.

Surround sound

While a complete high-end home theatre will add plenty of “Wow!” factor, you don’t need to empty your wallet to get many of the same impressive effects. Upgrading to surround sound is relatively inexpensive, yet it does a great deal to bring the movie theatre experience to your home. You’re also free to use a sound system however you like—for example, surround sound can greatly enhance the music-listening experience, too. Adding just a few extra speakers is all it takes to achieve a surround sound effect, and if you plan to move soon, floor-mounted speakers can move with you. 

Upgraded electrical outlets

It may seem simple, but improving your outlets is a great way to add value and make your home feel very modern. Adding to the point about smart technology above, smart outlets let you turn any device into a smart device. Additionally, installing a few USB-capable outlets is very inexpensive, but these can make your home seem much more device-friendly.

Home EV chargers

In terms of upfront cost, installing an EV charger isn’t the most inexpensive residential electrical upgrade, especially if you need a service upgrade in the process. However, this upgrade adds a great deal of value over time. Electric vehicles enable their owners to avoid steep gas prices, and charging at home is even more cost-effective than public charging networks. Our blog post from last week discusses the cost benefits of a home EV charging station in even more detail.

When it comes to “Wow!” factor, electric vehicles are certainly becoming a status symbol, especially when it comes to luxury manufacturers such as Tesla. A home charging station extends that status to your home, as well. Not only is it impressive to see an electric vehicle charging right in your garage, but EV chargers simply look great, adding a modern aesthetic to your home!

TCA Electric: Full Residential Electrical Service Provider in Vancouver

Electrical upgrades are a surefire way to ensure that your home will make a great first impression, whether it’s potential homebuyers or your friends and family coming to visit. And as you can see from this list, there’s a wide variety of inexpensive options that will make a big impact. At TCA Electric, we offer LED lighting services, EV charger installation, smart home upgrades, and just about any other residential electrical service you can imagine. With more than 60 years of collective experience, our TCA team has the necessary expertise to help you carry out the electrical home makeover of your dreams. Contact us today!

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