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Project Spotlight: Tesla Gen3 EV Charger Installation

Tesla gen 3 charger ready for installationAt TCA Electric, we take pride in the electrical work we’re able to do for our clients. That’s why we started our Project Spotlights blog series—to share some of our favourite electrical projects with our readers. But this is also a good space for us to share some of our latest service offerings. When it comes to Tesla charger installation projects here in Vancouver, we’re the first choice of many folks, and recently we were called on to install one of Tesla’s newest offerings: their Gen 3 EV charger. Let’s get into this project!

Getting started

For this project, we worked with a first-time TCA customer from Eagle Harbour, over in West Vancouver. We were referred to them by their neighbour, who we know through our mutual affiliation with Business Network International (BNI), a well-regarded referral organization. These clients were incredibly professional, and they were focused on hiring an experienced electrician who could get the job done right. They laid out their expectations, we provided a quote and a few recommendations, and we pulled a District of West Vancouver Electrical Permit for the project. Then we were ready to get started!

The project

At its most basic, this project was a Tesla EV charger installation. The Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector is brand-new to the market, and as a “managed” EV charger, it offers the convenient benefit of being accessible via a phone app. Our clients wanted a Gen 3 charger to be installed where their new Tesla was to be parked so that they could efficiently and quickly charge at home. We were to perform the Tesla charger installation with minimal damage to drywall in the home, while finding the most effective route from their electrical panel and making sure any exposed conduit (that is, electrical piping) looked as neat as possible.

The challenges

While a Tesla charger installation is, in itself, a fairly simple project, every home is different and presents its own unique challenges. In this case, the ideal location for the EV charger in relation to where our clients would park was also very far from their electrical panel. This made minimizing drywall damage and making the conduit look neat a bit trickier. 

Our original hope had been to run the conduit through the crawl space beneath the home for the entire length. This turned out not to be possible for the final stretch, however, as the last section of the house was formerly a carport that had been renovated, and had no crawl space. Our TCA team put our heads together: How could we run the final stretch of conduit while balancing our clients’ needs?

The result

Tesla charger after installation outside of home

In the end, we opted to use PVC conduit for the final stretch from the panel to the EV charger. This material blended well with the wall, making the minimal amount of exposed conduit look appeasing rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. We successfully carried out the client’s Tesla charger installation while minimizing the exposed conduit, and we did it all without any drywall damage whatsoever. By the end, we had to admire our handiwork—the new Tesla Gen 3 charger really does look slick!

Hire TCA for Your Tesla Charger Installation!

Electric vehicles have steadily grown in popularity over the years, and at TCA Electric we’re proud to install electric vehicle chargers to suit any home or business. We have experience working with a variety of EV chargers, and we’ve helped our clients surmount all manner of challenges and obstacles to get their desired charger installed. Whether you need a single charger for your home or an entire array to power your business’s fleet, TCA Electric is here for your EV charging needs. Contact us today!

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