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Team Spotlight: Warren, Residential Project Manager

In today’s Team Spotlight, meet Warren, Residential Project Manager at TCA Electric!

Warren, Residential Project Manager

Our dedicated team of professionals has made TCA Electric the leading commercial and residential electrician in Vancouver. As a thanks for their invaluable contributions to the success of our company, we’ve started the Team Spotlights blog series to highlight the people that make TCA tick!

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Warren, TCA’s Residential Project Manager. Warren is the one behind all of our major residential jobs, planning each stage of the process and seeing these projects through to the end. A true homegrown talent, Warren has spent his entire career as part of the TCA team! Let’s learn more about Warren, who’s been indispensable in our success as a leading residential electrician in Vancouver.

Name: Warren 

Title: Residential Project Manager

Years in the industry: 10 

Years at TCA: 10 

Favourite thing about your job: I really enjoy that we get to take a client’s idea or vision and turn it into a product that they never could have imagined. 

Favourite part of being on the TCA team: I love the crew of people here at TCA, we’re like a big family.

What do you find most rewarding about your work? 

The feeling of accomplishment you get when a project is finished and the client is happy, that’s definitely the most rewarding bit for me.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I love the outdoors, so you’ll often find me hiking or camping in the beautiful natural areas near Vancouver when I’m not at work.

Favourite sports team(s): I’ve always loved football, so the BC Lions are my favourite! 

Is there a particular type of project you prefer working on?

I’ve always been fond of the residential electrical projects we’ve done in wood frame homes. It feels more personal and homey, and I prefer it over working on a commercial site. 

Is there a project you completed with TCA that stands out as a favourite? 

All of the float homes at Mosquito Creek Marina. I managed most of the marina electrical work on the float homes, and there are about 40 of them. This project challenged us because these float homes are unique to begin with. Each one is custom, with different clients for each home. For me, this project wasn’t just about cutting my teeth, but fine-tuning my skills as an electrician—I went from being an apprentice to a journeyman to project manager throughout the ten year project!

Note: You can read more about Warren’s favourite project in this recent post!

Our valuable team members are the key to our success here at TCA Electric. Thank you, Warren, for being a huge part of that success and sharing a bit about yourself! Here’s to many more years at TCA. For more from Vancouver’s leading residential and commercial electrician, keep up with the TCA blog, and be sure to follow us on our social channels: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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