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2024 Home Automation Trends to Watch

AI and smart home technology have evolved far beyond mere buzzwords. Back in 2019, TCA Electric was quick to spot the rising popularity of home automation trends such as smart home security, lighting, and TVs. Vancouver residents were eager to embrace the latest modern conveniences. But what lies ahead for home automation? We’re glad you asked! As your Vancouver home automation experts, we’ve identified a few things that will likely be trending in 2024.

Health monitors

Smart homes will have a vital role in monitoring health. Wearables that connect with home systems can keep an eye on vital signs and quickly notify medical professionals in case of an emergency. Additionally, smart homes can monitor air quality, allergens, and other environmental factors to create a healthier living space.

Advanced home security

In smart homes, security continues to be a paramount concern. In 2024, anticipate cutting-edge facial recognition and motion-sensing technologies that will empower systems to differentiate among residents, guests, and potential intruders. This advancement not only strengthens security measures but also upholds the utmost privacy standards.

Smart furniture in every room

The evolution of home automation has demonstrated that virtually any imaginable item can be transformed into a smart device. This includes furniture, with numerous manufacturers introducing intelligent products featuring a range of functions designed to enhance your lifestyle effortlessly. Smart wardrobes and cabinets contribute to efficient organization of your possessions, while intelligent shelves and pantries monitor your food inventory, notifying you when supplies are running low.

Entertainment systems

Virtual and augmented reality are set to revolutionize the home entertainment scene, providing thrilling gaming adventures, cinematic viewing experiences, and engaging fitness activities. This will be a popular feature for the young, and the young at heart.

Sustainable living

Sustainability remains a top priority in home automation trends for 2024. Industries will continue to capitalize on this demand and look for new ways to reduce homeowners’ carbon footprints through smart tech. AI-driven technologies such as smart thermostats will only get smarter and, as manufacturing becomes more streamlined, more affordable. Further technologies in this vein have already entered various stages of development, such as smart clothing (allowing smart temperature controls to tailor climate control to the individual) and a greater prevalence of motion sensors.

Voice and gesture control

Voice control will continue to dominate the home automation landscape, with more devices being equipped with voice-activated assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. This hands-free convenience will redefine how we interact with our homes and appliances. Additionally, gesture control is poised to become increasingly common, providing a convenient and personal approach to engaging with your smart home.

Greater influence on home sales

It can be hard to pin down home buyers’ preferences, as once-popular features such as hot tubs, breakfast nooks, and granite countertops have seen varying degrees of favour over the years. But one trend you can count in the Vancouver market: home automation will be highly sought after, here and elsewhere. The most in-demand technologies will be electrical upgrades that save energy (and thus save money), such as smart thermostats. These upgrades are good investments both for homeowners in it for the long haul and folks looking to sell.

TCA Electric: Vancouver Home Automation Experts

While these are just a handful of examples of up-and-coming home automation technology, there are many more products already on the market that have helped Vancouver homeowners both save money and enjoy greater convenience. If you want to learn more about how these technologies might be right for your home, contact us today! Our team at TCA Electric has installed numerous home automation technologies throughout Vancouver, and we’re excited about where these technologies will take us next.

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