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Your 2023 BC EV Charger Rebate Options

Interested in an EV Charger? You Have Many Rebate Options!

EV charging stations have been heavily incentivized throughout Vancouver and British Columbia as a whole. This has helped push Canada’s EV adoption farther than ever, but there’s still a long way to go. Because of the continued demand for electric car adoption, BC continues to offer some of the best EV charger rebate options available.

As Vancouver’s leading EV charging experts, our team at TCA Electric is excited to help you make 2023 the year you join the electric vehicle revolution. We’ve helped many drivers, building managers, and business owners take advantage of the plethora of BC EV charger rebate options. We know the application process inside and out—so here’s how you can make 2023 the year you get a BC EV charger rebate.

Single-Family Homeowners

For individual drivers, adding a home EV charger is an exciting option. While owning an electric vehicle means never paying for gas, it can still leave you waiting at third-party charging stations if your included charger can’t keep up with your usage.

Luckily, BC Hydro continues to offer an excellent single-family EV charger rebate option. Through their program, homeowners—including owners of single-family homes, row houses, duplexes, and more—can receive up to $350 to fund 50% of the cost to purchase and install an EV charger. This is a great discount off the typical upfront cost of an EV charger.

Rebates for Multifamily Strata

For those living in apartment and condo buildings, EV ownership has long felt out of reach. Not many multifamily strata provide EV charging infrastructure, and the cost to make these upgrades has made this a nonstarter for many property owners and building managers.

BC Hydro now provides robust EV rebate offerings to support charger installation. This includes a program to help create an EV Ready plan, make necessary infrastructure upgrades, and install EV chargers. 

You can read complete details about their multifamily rebate offerings in this post

Workplace BC EV Charger Rebate

While home is the most convenient place to charge, it’s far from the only place where EV drivers spend much of their time parked. Workplace EV charging provides multiple benefits by both giving employees a way to charge their personally owned vehicles and by paving the way toward reducing transportation costs through electric company vehicles.

Continuing with the above trend, BC Hydro has a solution here, too. Through their workplace EV charging rebate program, they offer up to a maximum of $14,000 in rebates for networked electric vehicle charging stations (up to $2,000 per charger). This is a major incentive that should not be overlooked. 

To be eligible, businesses must get pre-approval through BC Hydro before purchasing chargers. You can apply for pre-approval here.

Public EV Charging Stations

Last but not least, the electric vehicle ownership experience depends not just on at-home charging options, but a robust infrastructure across the entire network of roadways. Some municipalities and towns have been quick to invest in public EV chargers, while other areas—particularly in rural regions—simply don’t have the resources to do so.

The CleanBC Go Electric Program aims to solve this problem in order to foster and accelerate the adoption of zero-emission vehicles, including both fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids. According to their website, their current initiative is “currently prioritizing applications that fill geographic gaps or that are located in rural, northern, and Indigenous communities.”

Rebates range from $20,000 per <50 kW direct current fast charger (DCFC) station, to $130,000 per >100 kW DCFC station. Maximum funding is available for Indigenous communities, and funding is also available for Level 2 charging stations. Applications are reviewed in cycles throughout the year, with the latest deadline falling on Dec. 16 and the first deadline in 2023 still to be announced.

TCA Can Help You Take Advantage of BC EV Charger Rebate Offerings!

At TCA Electric, we’re making 2023 the year we install more EV charging stations than ever. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or multifamily property manager, we can help get you the EV charging infrastructure you need to break free from the gas pump.

If you’re ready to go electric, contact us today! We’ll come up with a plan to suit your charging needs and help walk you through the application process to maximize your rebate.

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