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BC Hydro Expands Multifamily EV Charger Rebate Offering

Hoping to Add EV Chargers to Your Multifamily Property?

BC Hydro EV rebates have helped numerous homeowners, business owners, and property managers acquire and install electric vehicle upgrades. This increase in electric vehicle infrastructure has helped solidify British Columbia’s standing as one of the best places to be an EV driver. 

For residents of multifamily buildings, such as apartments, condos, and other strata housing, EV infrastructure has often lagged behind due to difficulties with EV compatibility and costs to install multiple chargers compared to single-family upgrades. However, rebates have alleviated these costs, and now BC Hydro has expanded their multifamily EV charger rebate offerings farther than ever before.

At TCA Electric, we’re dedicated to helping further the electric vehicle movement. Here’s how BC Hydro’s multifamily EV rebates can help upgrade your building!

BC Hydro Multifamily Rebates

BC Hydro offers a wide range of rebate options for single-family homes, commercial buildings and workplaces, and now for multifamily housing complexes. Let’s take a look at how BC Hydro is helping improve EV infrastructure by subsidizing multifamily charging upgrades.

EV Ready rebates

One of the reasons why EV upgrades can be difficult for apartment buildings and strata housing is the variance in these buildings’ electrical capabilities. Some apartment buildings are much older than others, and all buildings have limits when it comes to the electrical load they can handle. Upgrading any building’s electrical systems can carry significant costs, but this is especially true for large housing complexes.

BC Hydro is addressing this obstacle through rebates for creating and executing on an “EV Ready” plan. Upgrading a building to handle multiple EV charging stations requires careful planning by an experienced electrician. BC Hydro has allocated up to $3,000 in rebates to cover the cost to hire a contractor to develop such a plan.

Of course, creating a plan is much less costly than executing on it. Making a building truly EV ready may require service upgrades and costly updates to electrical infrastructure. BC Hydro has this covered as well, with an EV Ready infrastructure rebate that covers up to 50% of these associated costs, up to a project maximum of $120,000. 

Charging station rebates

Whether your building needed upgrades or not, BC Hydro also offers rebates covering the cost of purchasing and installing EV chargers. For those participating in the EV Ready program, these rebates cover up to $1,400 per charger and $14,000 per building. Those whose buildings were already EV Ready will enjoy slightly increased rebates per charger, with BC Hydro offering up to $2,000 in rebates per charger, up to a maximum of $14,000.

Why Install Multifamily EV Chargers?

There are many reasons why multifamily EV charging installation makes sense. EV chargers provide faster, more convenient charging options for EV owners, making them an increasingly sought-after amenity due to the continued growth in electric vehicle ownership. Adding EV charging capabilities also creates the potential for tax breaks, while the aforementioned rebates make it easier than ever for multifamily buildings to install charging spots. And finally, EV chargers contribute to sustainability efforts by making it easier for drivers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Ready to Upgrade? TCA Electric Can Help Apply for BC Hydro Rebates!

Here at TCA Electric, we’ve been a part of the EV revolution from the very beginning. We’re excited by all the available rebates, as well as how far EV and charging technologies have come over the past several years. 

As Vancouver’s EV charging experts, we’re intimately familiar with available EV rebates throughout BC, and we can help walk you through the application process to improve your odds of receiving a rebate. We’re also well-versed in planning out EV infrastructure, as well as all the upgrades needed to ensure a building is EV Ready. 

If you’re looking to upgrade a multifamily apartment or condo building with EV chargers, TCA can help! Contact us today to get started with your rebate application.

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