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Navigating the BC Hydro Alliance Program for Greater Energy Savings

Work with BC Hydro Alliance Members for Rebates & More

Our team at TCA Electric is proud to officially be BC Hydro Alliance members. This program was created to form a network of energy efficiency trade professionals in order to connect customers with BC Hydro registered contractors, rebates, energy saving expertise, and more.

By working with professionals in this network, you can improve sustainability and energy efficiency for your business while also taking advantage of excellent incentives. Here’s what you should know about the BC Hydro Alliance program—and how you can access savings.

What Is the BC Hydro Alliance?

The BC Hydro Alliance of Energy Professionals is a network of trade professionals dedicated to helping businesses achieve greater energy efficiency and sustainability. The network includes electricians like TCA Electric, along with highly skilled contractors in other trades such as HVAC, mechanical work, and engineering consulting. The network also includes distributors of energy efficient equipment.

The goal of this program is to connect environmentally conscious businesses throughout BC with opportunities to save energy and make their businesses more sustainable. The contractors in this network are all registered with BC Hydro and able to provide access to exclusive rebates (such as for commercial LED installation), expertise on energy efficient upgrades, and much more.

Gain Access to BC Hydro Alliance Rebates

One of the key advantages for customers who work with BC Hydro Alliance members is access to exclusive rebates on energy efficient installations. Currently, the primary incentive available is for energy-efficient lighting upgrades, such as LED installation. Eligible businesses can receive up to a 75% in BC Hydro Alliance rebates covering the cost to purchase and install energy-efficient lighting systems.

At TCA Electric, our electricians are highly experienced in LED systems, including new installations and upgrades to existing lightning infrastructure. Through the BC Hydro Alliance program, we’re able to connect businesses with an excellent opportunity to add greater efficiency and save money in the process.

Work with Members for Expert EV Installation

Another benefit of the program is forming a network of vetted, registered contractors for BC residents to work with on various trades projects. While currently the rebates offered through this program are only for businesses, residential and commercial customers alike are able to get connected with expert contractors for key upgrades such as EV charging installation.

When planning an EV charger installation, it’s important to work with an experienced contractor who will consider all factors in planning out your new charging setup. The BC Hydro Alliance program helps BC residents find more experienced contractors who are well versed in working with energy-saving and green technologies.

How Do I Connect with a BC Hydro Alliance Contractor?

Whether for your home or your business, the BC Hydro Alliance of Energy Professionals makes it easy to find a contractor to make sustainable upgrades to your property. The BC Hydro website now includes a request form to help customers find an Alliance member to work with for EV upgrades.

After completing this request form and sharing a few details about your project, BC Hydro will send two potential contractors for you to choose from. Then you can pick the best fit and move forward with your project, with full confidence that you’re partnering with an EV charging expert.

TCA Can Connect You with BC Hydro Alliance Rebates!

Our team at TCA Electric is excited to be a part of this program. Making sustainable electrical upgrades has been among our top priorities within our electrical services for years, and we see this program as a great opportunity for customers to connect with experienced contractors. What’s more, the program will feature various BC Hydro rebates, with current rebates focusing on LED upgrades for businesses.

If you have more questions about the program and our membership, or if you have an electrical project you’d like a quote on, reach out to our team today!

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