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Project Spotlight: Vancouver Commercial Kitchen Restoration

In 2016, TCA helped update and restore Peake of Catering’s commercial kitchen

Our Project Spotlights blog series is our space to share some of our favourite electrical projects we’ve completed here at TCA Electric. Some projects become favourites for their scale, while others present unexpected challenges or opportunities to put our electrical talents to use in unique ways, such as by installing commercial kitchen lighting with all the nuanced concerns that come with it. 

Back in 2016, the TCA team completed a project that was memorable for all of these reasons and more! We were called on by Panther Group to help Peake of Catering renovate and restore their kitchen space on Powell Street in Vancouver. This job included wiring, commercial kitchen lighting installation, waterproofing and food safety concerns, and much more! Let’s take a look back at this exciting project.

Our client: Peake of Catering

This project was our first time collaborating with Panther Group, a talented construction management and general contracting company based here in Vancouver. Initially they got in touch with us for an upcoming residential project, and after having TCA price several projects we were brought on for this commercial kitchen remodel. We’ve since collaborated on many more projects over the years!

Peake of Catering was our client for the remodel. A Vancouver-based catering company, Peake of Catering has been in business for decades, providing Vancouver residents with exquisitely crafted dining and event experiences. We were thrilled to be brought on to help them revitalize their kitchen space!

The project: A commercial kitchen remodel

Peake of Catering was looking to completely restore and remodel their commercial kitchen. In terms of electrical needs, this project would include upgrades to the lighting, wiring, and more. They needed a highly skilled Vancouver electrician for the job, as this project included many unique challenges due to the nature of their business. 

The challenges: Time (and safety) were of the essence!

This project remains memorable for our team primarily due to the very unique set of challenges it presented for our team. To start with, the project needed to be completed by a very specific due date, as Peake had to put some potential business on hold until their new operating kitchen was up and running. Basically, each day spent working on the project was lost revenue for the client, making time a major factor.

Additionally, as this was a commercial kitchen, several considerations had to be made for both food safety and other hazards. To begin with, much of the electrical equipment or lighting we installed in this commercial kitchen had to be rated for food safe areas. There are only certain plastics that may be used in food safe areas, and we had to source various electrical components according to these requirements. Further, we needed to find a way to complete our work such that the entire kitchen could be sprayed down safely, without exposing electrical components to water. With these requirements in mind, we set to work!

The result: A kitchen catered for commercial use

TCA worked quickly but carefully to complete this overhaul of the kitchen’s electrical systems. We installed commercial kitchen lighting and other electrical components that met the food safety requirements of the industry. We also worked carefully to lay out the electrical systems such that the kitchen could be safely sprayed down. This included having covers for counter receptacles that would allow water to be sprayed on top without getting into the receptacle and causing an electric shock or electrical damage. 

In the end, the TCA Electric team came through with a beautifully laid out system of updated electrical components that would keep this kitchen running smoothly for years to come.

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Here at TCA Electric, we pride ourselves on meeting any project or challenge head-on, no matter how big or small. In this case, we were able to tackle a project that was large in scale and presented no shortage of unique considerations and difficulties. No matter what the demands of your industry may be, the skilled TCA team has the expertise to bring all of your electrical systems up to speed and shine a spotlight on your business. 

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