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Commercial Lighting Vancouver: Tips to Making Your Space Complete

For any business owner, your commercial space’s interior design is critical to creating the right atmosphere for customers and clients. Many factors go into creating this atmosphere, but the commercial lighting elements you use in your Vancouver business are among the most critical. Different businesses require different kinds of lighting, from warm, subdued lights in a cozy restaurant to cool, bright fixtures in shops aiming for a more modern look. Making these decisions can be difficult, but our team at TCA Electric is here to help! We have an abundance of Vancouver commercial lighting experience, and we’ve outlined a few important tips to help you decide on the right lighting design to make your business shine.

Decide on the right atmosphere for your business

Before getting started, it’s important to understand your business and the atmosphere you want customers and clients to experience when they enter your space. Sometimes this depends on the kind of business you have, as restaurants and clothing stores, for instance, have very different kinds of lighting needs. But lighting styles among businesses of the same kind can vary quite a bit as well. Think of the differences in commercial lighting between Vancouver restaurants offering a more romantic dinner experience versus those catering to larger groups, or more lunch-oriented locations. When deciding how best to light up your business, it’s critical to picture the atmosphere you want to create before selecting a single fixture.

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Understand the different functions of lighting

Not all lighting fixtures are created equal. Every business is made up of different spaces, and these spaces require different kinds of lighting. In a restaurant, the lighting over the service desk will likely be much brighter and more functional than, say, lighting around tables. An elaborate chandelier looks gorgeous but lighting an entire commercial space in Vancouver with only these would be difficult. Some common kinds of commercial lighting include:

  • Accent lighting: Used decoratively, such as lighting that highlights artwork and décor placed around your business or product displays.
  • Task lighting: Functional fixtures used to illuminate spaces such as service desks and back offices.
  • Decorative lighting: Lighting that itself adds character, glamour, or other artistic elements to your space (such as a chandelier).
  • Ambient/general lighting: The main light source for your business, illuminating the areas where customers will spend most of their time.

Eco-friendliness is in

While it’s important for your business to establish its own identity, it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on commercial lighting trends if your Vancouver business is to reach its full potential. With that in mind, business owners in 2019 (and beyond) are increasingly emphasizing efficiency in their design plans, with a particular eye for efficient lighting choices such as using LED lighting and smart sensors. LED fixtures are unparalleled in terms of their energy efficiency and lifespan, meaning that your business can save money in the long term while also establishing a green, eco-friendly identity. Any Vancouver electrician you consider for your next commercial lighting project should be well-versed in installing LED fixtures.

Other commercial lighting trends include reducing light pollution, with many Vancouver businesses employing outdoor fixtures that minimize light directed upward. Finally, one common trend when it comes to commercial lighting in Vancouver and elsewhere is human-centric lighting that mimics natural light sources and reduces negative health impacts, such as eye strain and disrupted circadian rhythms.

TCA Electric: Experts in Commercial Lighting Vancouver

At TCA Electric, we’ve worked on hundreds of commercial lighting projects throughout Vancouver over the years. From industrial kitchens to elaborate overhead fixtures, our experienced team is prepared for anything. We offer competitive rates, strive for unmatched customer service, and can provide plenty of advice to help you decide on the right lighting for your business. Contact us today and tell us about your project! Our commercial lighting experts are eager to help your Vancouver business shine.

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