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Comparing Electricians: 5 Tips for Selecting the Right Pro for Your Job

If you have an electrical project you’re planning, or if you’ve suddenly found yourself in need of electrical repairs, finding the right electrician for the job can be tricky. Getting online and searching for an “electrician near me” is always a start, but with so many options out there, you’ll likely wind up with more questions than answers. How do you choose the right electrician? At TCA Electric, we know a thing or two about quality electrical work, and to help you pick the right “electrician near me,” we’re sharing our top five tips for selecting a professional electrician for your needs.

Compare online reviews

Your first step in evaluating potential electricians in your area is to look at reviews of their work. This is a smart first move as Google reviews are readily available as soon as you type “electrician near me” and search. Pay attention to their overall rating and the number of reviews they’ve received, in addition to individual reviews both positive and negative. While a few negative reviews are pretty much unavoidable for anyone who’s been in business long enough, be on the lookout for any apparent trends, such as repeated poor communication or shoddy workmanship. And of course, if the electrician followed up on poor reviews promptly, this is also a good sign as it demonstrates a commitment to satisfying their customers.

Check BBB ratings

In addition to Google reviews, it’s also a good idea to check in on their rating with the Better Business Bureau. While Google reviews are a good metric, customers within any industry can become frustrated for any number of reasons. BBB ratings, on the other hand, are based on the information the organization is able to obtain about businesses. The BBB is a third-party organization that aims to provide the most objective information they can—and they’re very good at what they do.

Request references 

Once you have a shortlist of potential suitors, it’s time to start contacting the electricians. One important step here is to ask for references. Any professional electrician should have references from past work that you can contact for their opinion of the electrician. You can think of this almost like a more in-depth review. Most reviews of businesses are quite short, and of course you can’t ask them questions. Take this opportunity to find out about the electrician’s timeliness, how communicative they are, the quality of their work, and even their courteousness. The ability to get just about any information you want about an electrician’s performance makes references an invaluable resource for narrowing down your options. 

Ask about experience on similar projects

While being in business for many years is a good quality for an electrician, it’s also important to find an electrician with experience doing the specific work for which you’re looking to hire them. That means it’s a good idea to ask any electrician you consider about their previous work on projects like yours. While could just hire based on overall experience, knowing that your preferred electrician has done this kind of work many times before will give you a lot more confidence that they’ll do the job right.

Get a quote

Your list should be pretty narrowed down by now, so it’s time to request a quote from the remaining candidates. Then you can compare the quotes and make an informed decision. A good rule of thumb when evaluating quotes is to look into prices that are significantly higher or lower than the competition. Lower prices could indicate anything from a great deal to lesser quality, while high prices could reflect additional experience or a warranty. Make sure each electrician has provided a thorough breakdown and rationale for their quote.

TCA Electric: The Right ‘Electrician Near Me’

With so many options out there, it can seem impossible to narrow things down—but if you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be able to choose the right “electrician near me” with confidence. At TCA Electric, we know we’re not the only option out there, but we always strive to be the best one. With 5.0 stars on Google and an A+ rating from the BBB, you can expect nothing but the best quality from our team of experienced professionals. Whether it’s a minor repair or a major electrical rework, TCA has what it takes to get your project done. Contact us today!

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