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Project Spotlight: Lions Gate Marine Centre

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Here at TCA Electric, we’re always excited to work on projects that have us completing tasks and working with components that are unique or new to us in some way. Our Project Spotlights blog series is where we share those projects with all of you, so that our readers can get a peek into how interesting and diverse electrical work can be! In today’s post, we’re focusing on our work at Lions Gate Marine Centre, in which our team was converting overhead power lines underground and adding dry storage power. 

This project required our team to work with some higher-amperage and higher-voltage equipment we don’t often see in our everyday projects. Read on to learn more!

Our client: Lions Gate Marine Centre

For this project, we were called in to provide electrical services at Lions Gate Marine Centre. This was not our first time working on this North Vancouver property, as we had completed several smaller projects when it was known as Lions Gate Marina. Another company recently bought the property, however, and we had not yet worked with them—so we were excited to establish a relationship with the new owners!

The project: Converting overhead power lines underground

Our main task for this project was converting the existing overhead power lines to an underground configuration. This would allow the marina to accommodate larger, taller boats that would otherwise come into contact with the existing overhead lines. In addition to this task, we were to also add more power for the dry storage area along the eastern side of the property. 

During this project, our team would be working with a variety of high-capacity equipment that we don’t often see in standard residential and commercial projects. This included 600-amp and 600-volt equipment, as well as 500 kcmil cables. But our team was excited to get started!

The challenges: Underground problem-solving

In converting the overhead power lines to underground, TCA would need to collaborate and coordinate with a company hired to dig the trenches through the property. We would also need to establish where all the necessary equipment would go, including cables, the transfer location (as well as the location of the new panel being added to the dry storage area), ground boxes, and conduits. This was quite an electrical puzzle to solve!

In addition, another unique challenge was maneuvering the electrical cables to where they needed to go. These cables were much larger than usual, and heavier cables like these are harder to bend and manipulate to where they need to go. 

The result: A successful power line relocation! power cable connections

In the end, this project was completed using careful planning, teamwork, and plenty of hard work from TCA’s talented electricians. We mapped out the new configuration for the overhead power lines, converting them underground to make more overhead space in the marina. To maneuver the heavier cables, the TCA team decided to use a pulley, making our lives just a little bit easier.

Project Manager John Urrea took the lead in overseeing this one, and he wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty during the project. Josh was the lead electrician, while James, Megan, and Paneet all worked hard in their supporting roles. 

This project turned out to be a major success, and it was a very interesting project for everyone involved. “It was a cool experience to work on this industrial project,” said John, “as I typically work on residential or commercial projects.” We look forward to more interesting industrial electrical projects like this!

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