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Cool Upgrades to Keep Your Energy Bill Down This Summer

As summer weather arrives in full, the battle against the thermometer begins. For an increasing number of British Columbians, that means switching on the air conditioner in order to cool things off. But as we all know, power bills can soar even higher than temperatures in the summer as A/C units run nearly 24/7 in some households. Here at TCA Electric, we know a thing or two about upgrades that can help you use less electricity. And as reliable electricians in North Vancouver, we’re here to help you cut down on your summer energy bill without sacrificing comfort!

Install an (efficient) air conditioner

Despite the associated costs, air conditioners are incredibly effective at making the indoors a pleasant oasis from the summer heat. If you don’t have an air conditioning unit, or if yours is out of date, consider installing a system that ranks highly in terms of energy efficiency. Energy efficiency in air conditioning comes down to two main factors: cooling power and energy efficiency ratio (or EER). Essentially, you will want a unit that has the right amount of cooling power for the space where it will be installed and boasts a higher EER than others, generally around 12 or so. A/C units have always been power-hungry, but newer models cut down on energy usage and keep more money in your pocket.

reliable electrician North VancouverAdd ceiling fans to keep things moving

A big part of keeping your home cool is airflow. When temperatures are somewhere between cool enough to open the windows and warm enough to switch on the A/C, the deciding factor is often how well air can move through your home and provide relief. Fans are inexpensive options for maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home, and ceiling fans are especially effective at circulating cooler air. If your home doesn’t have ceiling fans, consider installing a couple in high-traffic rooms or places you spend much of your time, such as a family room or bedroom.

Pack on the insulation

While insulation is helpful for staving off winter weather, it helps you save money on temperature control in the summer as well. This is because insulation isn’t necessarily meant to warm buildings, but rather to maintain the temperature inside. It adds volume, making buildings less prone to temperature swings. Any reliable electrician in North Vancouver will tell you that if you’re looking to boost the energy efficiency of your home, checking up on your insulation is a good first move.

Keep things clean and orderly

Is good maintenance really an upgrade? At TCA Electric, we tend to think so. We often hear from customers whose air conditioning “just doesn’t work like it used to.” In some cases, the system is old and in need of replacement or significant repairs. In many other cases, though, the problem is simply dirt and dust building up somewhere along the line. Changing out filters, keeping vents clear, and lubricating any moving parts (such as fan blades) are all simple yet effective ways to keep your air conditioning from working harder than it needs to.

TCA: Reliable Electrician North Vancouver

Whether you’re upgrading your air conditioning or in need of repairs and maintenance, you need someone you can count on to keep things up and running in the heat of summer. With 60 years of collective experience and the know-how to take care of any electrical project, TCA Electric is the reliable electrician in North Vancouver you’ve been looking for. Our electricians are highly skilled, committed to their craft, and ready to help! Contact us today, and let us show you why North Vancouver residents have trusted our services for the past decade.


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