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Project Spotlight: King’s Landing Apartments

The TCA team tackled LED cove lighting and much more in this newly renovated Vancouver apartment building! kitchen lighting at King's Landing

Here at TCA Electric, we’re obsessed with providing top-quality electrical work through smart solutions to client challenges. Throughout our work with clients across Vancouver, we’ve completed a wide range of projects that have resulted in beautiful electrical work we’re truly proud of—and our Project Spotlights series is our space to share those projects with our readers!

In today’s Project Spotlight, we’re covering the work the TCA team completed at the King’s Landing apartment complex right here in downtown Vancouver. This building was being completely gutted and redesigned as a high-end apartment complex. TCA was called in to provide a variety of electrical services, including LED cove lighting installation, improving the electrical switching, and solving a few design challenges for our client. Take a look!

Our client: Sitka Coast Construction

Our client on this project was Sitka Coast Construction, a general contractor specializing in full service renovations throughout Vancouver and North Vancouver. We’ve worked with Sitka on countless projects over the years, after being referred to them by another longtime collaborator of ours, Factory Edge

For this project, Sitka was completing a full gut and remodel of the King’s Landing apartment building. The goal was to transform the building into a high-end apartment complex, and they had a beautiful vision for the redesign. As part of the remodel, they needed a Vancouver electrical contractor they could trust to provide high-quality work that would fit their vision—and so, they called on TCA Electric!

The project: Switches, cove lighting, and more!

As this was a complete remodel of the apartment building, the TCA team was called in to provide our electrical expertise on a variety of electrical services. This included installation of specialty lighting, in consultation with the building’s interior designer in order to keep with the vision for the apartments. 

Additionally, TCA was to update the switching from the old layout, which featured a complex array with a very large number of switches. We were also asked to relocate the main existing electrical panel, among other electrical services. With the entire project laid out for us, it was time to pull the necessary electrical permits and get to work!

The challenges: A panel puzzle and ceiling cove lighting

As with all electrical projects, the King’s Landing remodel presented a few unique challenges, but TCA’s experts were up to the task! To begin with, the LED cove lighting was highly unique and a critical element of the design, so we wanted to be sure the complete installation was flawless. This specialty low-voltage lighting required a voltage drop in order to function properly, which increased the size of the wiring leading from the power source. 

the King's Landing renovation in progress

Additionally, relocating the main electrical panel was a challenge due to a cable feeding the electrical panel that was routed through concrete slabs. Ultimately, we resolved the issue for the client by hiding a junction box in the back of a cabinet and rerouting the cable, maintaining the sleek look of the overall design. 

The result: A gorgeous remodel!

The work that Sitka did throughout the remodel was gorgeous, and our team wanted to make sure our electrical solutions fit in with this new look. In the end, we were proud of our work, and our clients were very pleased with the result! The cove lighting provided the space with a sleek and modern look, with no extraneous electrical components (such as the junction box) interrupting the interior design. This project was exciting to work on, and the end result was a spectacular new apartment complex for residents in downtown Vancouver.

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