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Electricians Vancouver: Home Automation Series Trends for 2019

Electricians Vancouver: Home Automation Trends for 2019We’ve all heard the buzz around the smart home. Similar to the advent of the smart phone, many experts predict that this ground swell of excitement around the smart home sets the stage for a similar level of adaption among consumers. While it’s too early to determine just how many homes will be equipped with automation in the coming years, it’s pretty exciting to consider what the future holds. For those consumers who are eager to be the first to adapt new technologies, home automation is certainly the next frontier. As leading Vancouver electricians, helping our customers introduce these emerging technologies into their homes is our passion.

Not sure if the smart home is for you? Let’s take a look at some of the trends we will be seeing in 2019. We promise that some of these exciting technologies will even pique the interest of the harshest skeptic!

Home Security

When the topic of home security comes to mind, many of us think of the old school security systems of years gone by. However, today’s smart home offers a myriad of additional security features. Sure, you can still activate your security system from your smart phone but in additions, smart doorbells enable you to see and record who is at your door while you’re home or away. Security cameras enable you to monitor and record activity from your phone. Gone are the days we relied solely on a burglar alarm for security. Today you can take a look at security footage from afar and even intervene in the instance that the alarm was accidently tripped by the kids or the dog. In short, the smart home is taking the guess work out of home security.

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest draws of home automation, for modern homeowners, is improving energy efficiency. Not only is there a growing consumer consciousness for reducing our carbon footprint but many of us are looking for ways to increase cost efficiencies when it comes to our energy bills. Having the ability to control your home’s heat or AC output from afar is a gamechanger for many homeowners. Forgot to adjust the temperature before leaving for the day or a long weekend? No problem! Adjust your thermostat from anywhere. In addition to having these controls at your fingertips, you can also set your smart thermostat to sense when you’re not home and automatically adjust to eco mode. Many consumers report that this technology quickly pays for itself and delivers a remarkable long term cost savings.

Modern Conveniences

Not only can automation make your home more secure and energy efficient, it can make your life a bit easier. Modern advances are now making it possible for you to turn on lights from afar, preheat the oven on the way home and even set your smart fridge to automatically order groceries when it’s time to restock. Essentially home automation is here to make life at home, and on the road, a bit more cohesive.

TCA: Electricians Vancouver

These are just a handful of examples of trends in home automation we will be seeing in the year ahead. If you’re ready to learn more about how you can adapt some, or all, of these technologies into your home, we’re here to help! As your trusted Vancouver electricians, we’re happy to help you explore your options and design a smart home that meets your needs and your budget. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

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