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Project Spotlight: Strata EV Charging Station Contractors

TCA’s EV Charging Station Contractors Completed This Project Funded by BC Hydro Strata Rebates a SWTCH EV charger installed in a parking garage

As leading EV charging station contractors, our team at TCA Electric has worked with many homeowners, business owners, and strata stakeholders to add EV charging capabilities. For residents of multifamily housing, EV charging stations are an attractive amenity enabling them to enjoy complete freedom from the gas pump and third-party chargers. Thanks to BC Hydro’s rebates, it’s much more possible for multifamily buildings to add EV charging spots!

In today’s Project Spotlight, we’re taking a look at a major EV installation project we completed, supported with funding from the BC Hydro EV charger rebate program. We added four new chargers to this building along with significant electrical infrastructure enabling easy expansion to accommodate growing EV ownership. Let’s take a look at this project!

Background and Client: Strata Building in Richmond, BC

We completed this EV charger installation in a strata complex located in Richmond, BC, just south of Vancouver. A previous property manager in the building had contacted us about completing the installation, but needed to get approval from strata residents. After approval thresholds were lowered to 50% for EV charging upgrades, a new property manager got in touch TCA Electric and made this project happen. 

The Project: EV Charging and Load Management Upgrades

The goal for this project was to add multiple EV charging locations in visitor parking spots to accommodate both residents and visitors to the building. While building management only wanted four EV chargers installed initially, they also wanted our team to install infrastructure that would readily support additional chargers in the future as needed. 

As expert EV charging station contractors, our team was up for the task. We highly recommend that strata stakeholders (and commercial property owners) install expandable EV infrastructure to save time and money in the long run.

Benefitting from BC Hydro Rebates

A major highlight from this project is that our customer was the beneficiary of BC Hydro’s excellent multifamily EV charging rebates. We worked with their management team on various proposals to be approved by the strata before helping to submit their application for the rebate program. 

As the building would need electrical infrastructure upgrades, we started with an EV Ready plan in order to receive funding for these additional needs. These upgrades included dedicated circuits for each charger and load management infrastructure to provide support for additional chargers in the future. 


one of TCA Electric's EV charging station contractors installing a SWTCH charger

We worked with our clients to understand the current demands of their building as well as future needs. Then we mapped out a full EV Ready plan as part of their rebate application. Ultimately, they were approved for $20,000 in rebates—$5,000 per charger.

The Result: EV Charging for Now and for the Future

The TCA team set about installing the infrastructure upgrades and EV chargers for this building. The chargers we installed included software through which EV drivers could complete payment for their charge then and there, allowing the building to recoup expenses over time. Strata management would also be able to set separate rates for visitors and residents of the building.

Our team for this project consisted of Warren, Josh, and apprentice electrician Scott. Each of them fulfilled their roles expertly, completing the project faster than our timeline predicted and to the complete satisfaction of our client.

Our team went above and beyond, and we were thrilled to see the results of this project. Our clients have already reached out to us to further expand the charging setup, and with room for 16 additional chargers already, they’ll have plenty of room to grow!

Work with Our Expert EV Charging Station Contractors!

TCA Electric is the leading EV charging team serving Vancouver and the surrounding area. Between our commitment to quality and customer service, you can count on our team to go above and beyond for your EV charging project.

With BC Hydro’s robust multifamily rebate program gaining another round of funding, there’s never been a better time for strata stakeholders to add EV charging capabilities for current and future tenants. Reach out to our team to start putting together your EV Ready plan!

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