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Installing 6 Level 2 EV Charging Stations for Multifamily Building

TCA Installed Six EV Charging Stations for This Multifamily Building a networked EV charging station installed in a multifamily building

EV charging stations are an excellent upgrade for multifamily buildings. Not only do they serve to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the building’s residents, but they make EV ownership more accessible for tenants, provide a convenient place to charge each night, and can even function as a source of revenue while still saving drivers money overall.

At TCA Electric, our team of EV charging experts has worked on many charger installation projects, including large-scale EV charging setups for multifamily buildings. Today, we’re turning our Project Spotlight blog focus toward one of these projects, in which our team installed six new EV charging stations for a multifamily building here in Vancouver. Let’s check out this project!

Background & Client: A New Client in Search of an Upgrade

This project was for a first-time TCA client who reached out to us online after finding our website. The client was looking to upgrade their multifamily complex by adding EV chargers for tenants and guests who own electric vehicles. After discussing with the client, we began planning out this project.

The Project: 6 New EV Chargers

Ultimately, the client decided to add six Level 2 charging stations to this multifamily building, providing plenty of charging options for EV drivers. By installing all of these chargers at once, they could make the project more cost efficient overall while providing plenty of future proofing for increasing EV charger demand. 

Solving Challenges: Finding Power & Retrofitting Circuits

Multifamily electrical projects can be complex, but our team was more than up to the task of solving our client’s challenges. One of the main obstacles was calculating power within the building and finding enough to support six new EV chargers. 

The load calculation was a prerequisite for pulling permits for this project, as we needed to include these calculations in order to get approval from the City of Vancouver to install the new EV chargers. Including the load calculation would demonstrate that the building’s electrical system had room for the EV infrastructure our client wanted. 

The Result: A Green Upgrade for This Building’s Tenants

Our team got to work on completing load calculations for this building. We evaluated how much power the EV chargers would use, measured the current power usage of the building, and ensured enough was available to safely install the new chargers. 

TCA team members Michael and Megan were instrumental in ensuring this project was a success. With the load calculations and permitting process completed, they worked on installing clean, tidy electrical conduit to supply power to the new charging stations, resulting in an efficient charging setup that was still aesthetically pleasing.

Our client for the project was great to work with, accommodating throughout the calculation and permitting process, and came away very happy with our work. We were glad to provide this green upgrade for the building’s residents to enjoy.

electrical infrastructure upgrades in progress for multifamily EV charging stations

Install EV Charging Stations for Your Multifamily Building!

As EV adoption continues to accelerate throughout Canada and British Columbia in particular, it’s crucial to continue adding EV charging infrastructure wherever it may be needed. Installing EV charging stations in multifamily buildings is a great way to open the door to EV ownership for those who may otherwise be on the fence. 

As Vancouver’s leading EV charging experts, the TCA Electric team is standing by to add charging infrastructure to your building! Get in touch with our team today to request a quote and start planning your project.

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