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Flo EV Charger: The Electrical Upgrade that Pays Off

Savvy homeowners are always looking to upgrade their home to save money over the long haul. Energy-saving devices like smart thermostats and efficient appliances can go a long way toward reducing your electric bill, for example. Similarly, an electric vehicle charging station can help you charge your EV more efficiently and cost-effectively than relying on public networks. And while we install many home EV charging stations here at TCA Electric, the models of EV charger offered by FLO are highly durable and reliable options for non-Tesla EV owners. So what makes a home FLO charger an electrical upgrade that pays off? Let’s take a look!

Rebates available on FLO and other EV charger models

Before any electrical upgrade can pay off, it first must be installed. And while that always carries an upfront cost, EV charger models such as the FLO G5 and X5 can start recouping those expenses pretty much immediately. That’s because there are many tax breaks and rebates available throughout Canada for the installation of home EV charging stations. For example, BC Hydro has acquired funding for an EV charger rebate program that currently runs until early 2021. In other words, that’s money that goes right back in your pocket as soon as you purchase and install your FLO EV charger!

Charging at home saves money (and time!)

Once your FLO EV charger is installed, you’ll experience the benefits right away. For one thing, charging at home is simply more convenient. Rather than driving out to one of a limited number of Vancouver EV charging stations, you can charge your vehicle right from your garage. That means you can easily charge overnight and have a full battery by morning.

Of course, while they say time is money, money is money too—and you’ll save plenty by charging at home. Public charging networks typically charge around 30-40 cents per kWh of charge. At home, however, you’ll get that same charge for around half that cost or less. The average cost of electricity in Canada is around 17.4 cents per kWh, while BC residents enjoy even lower rates, about 12.4 cents. And while 20 cents of savings might not seem like a lot, that quickly adds up over time—especially if you need to charge every day!

A FLO EV charger is a wise investment

While installing a FLO or other EV charger in your home will save you money, that potential for savings will also be attractive should you ever sell your home. Today’s homebuyers are always looking for homes with green upgrades already installed. That means EV chargers are a hot commodity for homebuyers on the market today. 

Further, while EV chargers in general will boost your home’s value, FLO’s EV chargers are a particularly sound investment. FLO offers two home charging options, the G5 and X5. While they differ in terms of smart capabilities, they both demonstrate FLO’s commitment to producing a high-quality, durable home charging option. The FLO EV charger models are each cased in aluminum and can function from -40°C to 50°C (-40°F to 122°F) right out of the box. FLO’s chargers are also backed by a 5-year limited warranty. When making an investment that will take some time to pay itself off, you want to make sure that investment will last long enough. Both the FLO G5 and X5 are built to do just that.

Call TCA Electric for Your FLO EV Charger Installation!

Here at TCA Electric, we’re excited to see electric vehicles steadily growing more popular. EVs and the advent of home charging stations are set to change the driving experience as we know it. If you’ve recently purchased an electric vehicle and you’d like to explore home charging options, the EV charging experts at TCA Electric are here to help! We’ve installed many EV charger models from reliable manufacturers such as FLO, ChargePoint, and Tesla. We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled service and workmanship, and we’re ready to help you get the most out of your electric vehicle ownership experience. Contact us today for a consultation!

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