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Project Spotlight: Wiring a Food Truck for Success

Here’s How TCA Wired a Food Truck for Electrical Success! woman sitting in front of Vanwich food truck

As an electrician, you really never know what knowledge you’ll need to tap into for the next project that comes your way. Building codes and Vancouver electrical regulations are required knowledge for every member of our team here at TCA Electric—but food truck electrical requirements? Let’s just say we never expected to be learning about that!

For today’s Project Spotlight, we’re highlighting a very unique project we completed for a member of the Squamish Nation in North Vancouver. What made this project so unique? Well, while we’ve helped plenty of business owners rewire their buildings, we’ve never wired a restaurant on wheels. Here’s how the TCA team helped the owner of Vanwich food truck get up and running and following all electrical requirements!

Our client: A Squamish Nation business owner

We worked with a new client for this project, a business owner located in Mosquito Creek Marina here in North Vancouver. While we had never worked with this individual before, the Squamish Nation has called on us many times over the past 13 years, and we’ve been very happy to meet all of their electrical needs. They reached out to us directly to ask if we could help this business owner get their food truck ready to roll. We were happy to oblige, and we decided to complete this project free of charge, as a way of giving back to the community and to one of our most loyal clients. 

The project: Wiring a food truck from scratch

Our goal with this project was to fully wire the Vanwich food truck to get it running efficiently and, of course, safely. The interior of the truck was completely gutted, so we were truly working from scratch with this project. That meant we would also be planning and mapping out the best way to get power to all appliances that would be installed in the truck without leaving behind an eyesore.

The challenges: A new type of space—and a new certification!

Every project presents its share of challenges, of course. But when working on something completely new, that usually means facing a whole new set of challenges!

To complete this project, meet all food truck electrical requirements, and make sure all safety codes were met, we would have to obtain a Silver Label Certification once the wiring was completed. This certification process was a bit different, as we needed to get certification through a third party company, and then have the fire marshal sign off on it.

In addition, wiring the food truck was a unique challenge all on its own. We had very limited space to work with, and we had to get a bit creative in order to supply power to the truck and all appliances without leaving behind a jumbled mess. But our team was more than up to the task!

The result: A food truck wired for success!

In the end, we were able to get everything up and running and ready for business. While the certification process was certainly a new challenge, we met all food truck electrical requirements and our work was deemed safe to conduct business. 

Completing this project successfully took excellent teamwork, with Brad managing the project and Matt and Michael exhibiting superb attention to detail and an excellent work ethic that were crucial to completing the project on time. 

It was a pleasure working on such a new and different project, and we look forward to working on more food trucks in the future. Oh, and if you ever see the Vanwich food truck around, make sure to stop by! Their sandwiches are delicious. 

TCA Electric: Going the Extra Mile for Our Customers

Here at TCA Electric, we never shy away from any project. Whether it’s something we’ve done a thousand times or a unique project we’ve never tackled before, our team has the positive attitude, skills, and electrical know-how to get the job done. So no matter what your electrical needs are, give us a call at TCA today! 

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