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Project Spotlight: Completing the Mosquito Creek Marina Project

Our project at Mosquito Creek Marina covered 10 years of work. Here’s how it all came together!

a blue floating home

Back in 2010, TCA Electric was chosen as the electrical contractor in Vancouver best suited for a major project at Mosquito Creek Marina. Our task? Provide the wiring for 43 floating homes, wire the marina docks to supply power to these homes, and supply additional power to Mosquito Creek Marina to support these new demands.

Around 10 years later, our work was complete! Once we completed this project, we knew this was one to share with our readers in our Project Spotlights blog series. So far, we’ve covered the three major parts of this project individually. Now, in the fourth and final installment of our blog series, we’re taking a look back at the project and how it all came together! Let’s get started.

Thank you to Mosquito Creek Marina and the Squamish Nation!

First off, this incredible project would never have been possible without our clients at Mosquito Creek Marina, as well as the people of the Squamish Nation who recommended us for the project following our work at Lynnwood Marina. We want to express our sincere gratitude for trusting TCA Electric as your Vancouver marina electricians of choice! 

We would also like to give a special shout-out to the dock maintenance crews at Mosquito Creek Marina. They were an amazing team to work with, and their help was so integral to the success of this massive project.

The challenge: Keeping our balance

It’s fair to say that the biggest challenge we faced throughout this project was keeping our balance—in more ways than one! To start, completing electrical work on the water can be a challenge all on its own. While wiring the floating homes, it could be a struggle to keep our balance on ladders, and certain tools like levels simply don’t work on water. Working outside near the water was particularly challenging in winter while pulling large cables through the water and going home cold and wet. 

What’s more, each component of this project—the float home wiring, marina dock wiring, and extra power—required our careful attention. There were many days where we worked on all three parts of this project, while each part carried its own complications. 

For example, every float home had a timeline in which we had to have all wiring completed, and we would always be at different phases of wiring three float homes at one time. The dock wiring was ongoing and dependent on when the marina could get the new docks installed. The extra power was dependent on the approval of BC Hydro, when we could have the new electrical room built, and BC Hydro’s availability to hook up the new power. With so many moving parts, we had to think on our feet at all times and be ready to adapt every day!

The result: A beautiful vision turned into reality

Our clients at Mosquito Creek Marina had a vision for this project, and we were happy to be the electrical contractor in Vancouver who made that vision into reality. “Floating homes aren’t a normal thing to see in North Vancouver, never mind three streets of floating homes at a central location near the foot of Lonsdale Avenue,” said TCA founder Sean Tobin. These homes turned out to be very eye-catching and spectacular, and, as Sean expressed, “They fit in well with the direction the City is taking and the overall look and feel of lower Lonsdale.”

Of course, this project was also a point of pride for the TCA Electric team! Collectively, we brought all the necessary knowledge, skills, and careful planning to get the job done. We were happy to step up to this major challenge and come through with such an impressive result. 

On reflection: A true team effort 

While we can’t help but be proud of our team’s work on this project, this project was truly a team effort from start to finish, as is often the case with such a major undertaking. Every individual worked together as one to get this project complete. From Mosquito Creek management down to the team building and installing the docks and our TCA electricians, it was truly a team effort, and that’s the takeaway many of us here at TCA had from this incredible project.

“My favourite part of this whole project was that all of the trades, labourers, designers, managers, and everyone else all came together as one team,” said Sean Tobin. “Everyone supported one another, and to me that’s really amazing for a project that has spanned over a decade. The relationships formed along the way, both professional and personal, truly stand out the most for me.”

floating homes and boats at Mosquito Creek Marina

TCA Electric: Leading Electrical Contractor in Vancouver

At TCA Electric, we always like to say no job is too big or too small for our team of talented Vancouver electrical contractors to handle. Well, with the Mosquito Creek Marina project, we lived up to that challenge! After 10 years of careful planning and skilled electrical work, we can finally call this massive project complete. 

We hope our readers and customers enjoyed hearing about this project as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you! For more Project Spotlights, electrical tips, and more from the leading electrical contractor in Vancouver, be sure to keep up with our blog and follow TCA Electric on our social channels: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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