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Project Spotlight: Generator Installation & Load Sharing for EV Charger

TCA Completed a Generator, Hot Tub, and Load Sharing Installation for This Client!

The best electricians are those with the experience and know-how to solve complicated installation challenges for clients. At TCA Electric, we often do this while coordinating with many moving parts of a project, from installing multiple components and devices to working around other contractors. For today’s Project Spotlight, we’re focusing on a generator and hot tub installation that presented several interesting challenges. Spoiler alert: the TCA Team solved all our client’s problems with ease!

Background & Client: A North Vancouver Homeowner

For this project, we worked with a first-time TCA Electric customer, a homeowner located in North Vancouver. Our client first came into contact with us via our website, identifying us through our strong online reviews as one of Vancouver’s top electricians. They reached out to us through our contact form to tell us about their electrical needs, and we got started right away. 

The Project: Backup Generator Installation and Much More

Our client needed several electrical components to be installed during this project, including a new backup generator to protect against power outages during the winter as well as a new hot tube. Backup generators are an excellent way to protect your home during the winter and storm season, and our team was well equipped to install this device. 

The electrical installations would be part of a larger remodeling project, as other contractors were working on trenching work and laying new patio stone as well. TCA would need to coordinate carefully to ensure everything went smoothly.

The Challenges: Supply and (Power) Demand a TCA electrician works on an electrical panel

One of the main challenges facing our client for this project was supporting the high power demands of both a hot tub and an EV charging station. While upgrading to a larger electrical panel can provide additional service to the home, this can be an expensive route. That meant it was important to consider more cost-effective options to solve the problem.

In addition, our client wanted the electrical components to be disguised well so that the end result would be aesthetically pleasing as possible. We would need to coordinate carefully with other contractors working on the home and plan ahead to keep the electrical conduit well hidden.

Finally, TCA Electric faced long lead times in acquiring the new generator before installation. This is because, at the time of the project, storms across North America had caused demand for generators to surge across the U.S. and Canada. Luckily, our team had a plan for this as well!

The Result: A Successful Generator and Hot Tub Installation

Project Manager Brad Pace ran this project, with Michael Malihan serving as lead electrician and Matt Lambright sharing in the electrical workload. Michael was Brad’s first choice when this project began thanks to his extensive experience in making exposed electrical conduit aesthetically pleasing, while Matt supported Michael from start to finish.

In the end, TCA was able to solve each of our client’s challenges without an issue. To address the power demands, we installed a load management system between the hot tub and EV charger so that only one could be used at any given time, avoiding the need for a service upgrade. Our electricians on the project coordinated carefully to install the conduit leading to the hot tub underground and leave the home looking beautiful.

Finally, thanks to our vendor relationships as one of Vancouver’s top electricians, TCA Electric was able to obtain a generator for installation much faster than would have been possible otherwise. This enabled us to dramatically shorten the timeline and get this homeowner’s new generator up and running!

TCA: Your Top Contractor for Electrical Home Upgrades!

From generator and hot tub installation to smart home devices and more, TCA Electric is Vancouver’s top electrician for home upgrades. Our licensed and qualified contractors have the skills needed to tackle any installation you need while maintaining the aesthetic qualities of your home. 

Electrical upgrades are an excellent way to add value to your home and add greater convenience to your life. With TCA Electric, you can make your dream home a reality—whether that dream requires a hot tub, an EV charger, a backup generator, or all the above and more! Contact us today to start planning your project.

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