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Project Spotlight: Vancouver Historical Renovation

The TCA Team Completed an Electrical Renovation in a Very Historic Building! after photo of an electrical renovation maintaining a historic brick look

Every electrical renovation presents its own unique twists, turns, and challenges. When working on historic buildings, however, those challenges can often be even more numerous—but successfully completing a project becomes all the more rewarding, as the history and character of the building can shine through.

In today’s Project Spotlight, we’re taking a look at an electrical renovation TCA Electric completed in an old, historical building located in downtown Vancouver. Completing this project took precision and careful planning—two qualities we take great pride in here at TCA! Let’s take a look at how our team got this suite in a historic brick building ready for business.

Our Client: PWS Contracting

We worked with a new client on this project, PWS Contracting. PWS is a general contractor based locally here in Vancouver. We’ve always been impressed by their excellent work on various residential and commercial projects, but we’d never before aligned to work together on a project. But when PWS Contracting needed a skilled electrician to lend their electrical renovation talents to an upcoming project, they chose TCA Electric for the job! 

The Project: A Full Electrical Renovation and Conversion

PWS had been called in to convert a residential suite downtown into a commercial office ready for their client to move in and start their business operations. This would take some doing in many aspects, and the electrical systems in the suite would need a full renovation, including new lighting and relocation of several electrical components. 

The Challenges: Logistics and Historic Construction

Older buildings always present particular challenges with electrical renovation projects, and this suite was no different. The building featured exposed red brick walls, posts, and beam structures in the ceiling and walls. This meant our team would have to wire the building using electrical conduit, which requires careful planning and skill to execute in both an efficient and aesthetic manner. 

In addition, the suite was located on the top floor of a building in one of the busiest areas in downtown Vancouver. Our team needed to plan ahead to arrive early each day in order to secure parking spots. We also weren’t able to use the elevator to transport the ladders we needed for this project—so it was a long walk up the stairs each day!

The Result: Clean and Beautiful Electrical Wiring and Upgrades

To complete the electrical conduit installation, our team’s first step during this renovation was to plan the full route for the conduit. This ensured no excess material was wasted and that the conduit would look as clean as possible, maintaining the beautiful aesthetic of this suite. 

As part of the overall renovation of the suite, a large amount of existing electrical components needed to be moved to make way for a new partition wall. This was fairly extensive work, but our team worked carefully to get it done and achieve the vision for this space. 

Project Manager John Urrea took the lead for this one, and he knew he’d need a top team to tackle this project. He chose Michael as lead electrician and Karen as electrician, and both teammates were more than up to the challenge. They were each excited about the project, and once work started, the whole team never slowed down until it was complete. We had a unique challenge in working with a new contracting partner—and our team came through in fine style!

TCA Electric: Solving Your Electrical Renovation Challenges

No matter what the situation, TCA Electric has the electrical skills, experience, and know-how to complete any electrician renovation project. Whether it’s a building that’s residential or commercial, modern or historical, our team can adapt to suit the demands of any project and bring your design to life.

Are you looking for an electrical partner to complete a major renovation project? Contact TCA Electric today to tell us about your vision!

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