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Team Spotlight: John, Commercial Project Manager

Picture of Electrician VancouverNothing is more important to our success here at TCA Electric than the people that make our company tick. To celebrate our dedicated team members, we’re starting a new Team Spotlights blog series to share a bit more about the people who have made us the leading residential and commercial electrician here in Vancouver.

Today, we’re starting with John, TCA’s Commercial Project Manager. In this role, John keeps all of our commercial operations running smoothly, from start to finish. John has been with us for eight years, and he celebrated his workiversary this past October—happy workiversary! Let’s learn a bit more about John, who’s been key to TCA’s success as a top commercial electrician in Vancouver!

Name: John 

Title: Commercial Project Manager 


Years in the industry: 10 

Years at TCA: 8

Favourite thing about your job: Customer satisfaction is very important to me.

Favourite part of being on the TCA team: The comradery is one of the many things that come to mind.

What do you find most rewarding about your work? 

When a project goes smoothly and the final result is perfect. Again, customer satisfaction is very high on my list of priorities.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I like to snowboard in winter, ride my motorcycle in summer, play video games online, and hang out with my friends. I’m also no stranger to visiting the local craft breweries around Vancouver.

Favourite sports team(s): From a very young age, I’ve been a big fan of the Vancouver Canucks, and I love to watch them play whenever I can. 

Is there a particular type of project you prefer working on? 

I’ve always enjoyed working on both industrial and commercial projects. I enjoy structure and project management. The more challenging the better. 

Is there a project you completed with TCA that stands out as a favourite?

We wired a house in Edgemont for Fino Projects. The homeowner was really worried about EMF disruption, so we had to use special cables and EMF sheaths. The house was really cool—although it was a single level home, a lot went into it. The customer was very pleasant to work for as well! 

Note: You can read more about John’s favourite project in this blog post!

At TCA Electric, we’d be nowhere if not for our dedicated and talented team members. Thanks for everything you do at TCA, John! We’re always glad to have the chance to share more about our team with our readers. For more from your favourite Vancouver residential and commercial electrician, be sure to keep up with the TCA Electric blog and follow us on our social channels: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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