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TCA Is Hiring! Here’s Why Now Is a Great Time to Apply for Jobs as a Journeyman or Electrician Apprentice

At TCA Electric, we’ve built a talented team of licensed and qualified electricians from the ground up. We’re frequently looking for applications from talented professionals in our industry, particularly journeyman applicants, as well as those looking for apprentice jobs to get their career started.

TCA is a fun, lively place to work with plenty of growth opportunity. Not only that, but now is the perfect time to get started in the electrical industry. Between trade working shortages and anticipated industry growth due to the continually expanding green industry, these journeyperson and electrician apprentice jobs can open the door to a long, fruitful career.

Journeyperson and Other Electrician Jobs Are Growing

As shortages for tradespeople across many industries persist throughout North America, those in skilled professions such as electrical work have an opportunity for incredible job security and growth over the next several years. At TCA Electric, we’ve certainly felt that squeeze, as we’re often looking to add skilled and entry-level electricians to our team.

In the electrical industry, the opportunity for new electricians is even greater than in many other industries. Green technology continues to grow throughout North America and Canada in particular. And behind every new green device—from EV chargers to smart tech—there’s a skilled electrician needed to install and maintain it.

According to a report by Clean Energy Canada, the number of workers in the clean energy sector is projected to grow by 50% to nearly 640,000 by the year 2030. That means a lot of new jobs available to the aspiring electrical apprentice or journeyman—and a lot of potential for advancement, as well.

Help Move Canada Forward

We love our work here at TCA Electric. While every one of us likes certain types of projects more—some prefer residential projects, while others thrive on major commercial projects with a lot of moving parts—we all agree that our job is very rewarding.

A major contributor to that feeling of fulfillment is knowing that we’re helping contribute to British Columbia’s (and Canada’s) continued movement toward sustainability. Working with new green technology doesn’t just give us an opportunity to learn. It also gives us an opportunity to make our community that much more environmentally friendly.

TCA Electric Has the Most Fun

You’ll often hear from different employers and businesses that “here, we’re like a family!” Well, at TCA Electric, our team members genuinely enjoy working alongside one another each day. More than that, though, we also just love to have fun! 

Our team goes on frequent company outings, from bowling and company parties to hanging out at the pub or volunteer events right here in Vancouver. 

Fun doesn’t just happen outside of work, though. Our team genuinely enjoys the work we do, and every one of our contractors is highly supportive and encouraging. Whether you’re an experienced electrician or looking to become an apprentice, we treat learning (and teaching) as part of the process. Come grow alongside us, and we’ll be eager to see what skills you’ve developed, too!

Now Hiring for Journeyperson and Apprentice Electrician Jobs

TCA Electric is always looking to add talented individuals to our team of licensed and qualified electrical contractors. Whether you’re an experienced journeyperson or looking to become an apprentice, we have multiple jobs available for aspiring electricians. 

We offer a full extended benefits package, a fuel allowance, fun company outings, and an excellent environment to work, learn, and grow. Interested in joining our team? Fill out an application today!

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