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Lutron Lighting Systems: The Ideal Smart Lighting Solution

Looking to upgrade your home’s lighting? Consider Lutron’s lighting systems!

Many Vancouverites looking to upgrade their homes have turned to smart lighting solutions as an effective way to take control of their home’s aesthetic. There are many smart lighting options available, but here at TCA Electric, we’ve found our customers turn to Lutron lighting systems again and again for their home.

Why are Lutron lighting systems the go-to smart lighting solution? Excellent question! Lutron provides the best in quality, flexibility, efficiency, and much more, and we’ve installed Lutron products in many of our Vancouver electrical projects. Their products are highly compatible with many LED lighting solutions, as well. So in today’s post, we’re taking a closer look at smart lighting systems from Lutron and why we highly recommend them if you’re looking to upgrade your home’s lighting.

Who is Lutron?

Lutron began its history of innovation back in 1959, when founder Joel Spira produced the first solid-state dimmer switch for residential use. From this simple beginning, Lutron has continued to imagine and invent. They’ve produced a variety of lighting control devices and systems to help homeowners and business owners alike create the perfect aesthetic through lighting.

Let’s take a look at how Lutron’s lighting systems can benefit your home!

Add perfect ambient lighting to any space

Perhaps the clearest advantage of lighting controls is that they immediately add full customizability to the lighting wherever they’re installed. Whether you’d like to dim the lights for a movie in the family room or light up your cooking in the kitchen, it all becomes possible with lighting controls. 

This means you can set any mood, in any room, at any time—and in combination with smart lighting, from anywhere!

Provide extra security while you’re away

Speaking of smart lighting, being able to control your lights while away from home—or set strategic timers—is a great way to provide extra security for your home. 

How so? Well, leaving your lights completely on or off for days at a time is a sure sign to burglars that you’re not around. With smart controls, however, you can manually turn lights on and off, indoors and out, or set timers that mimic your normal activities while at home. This can give the illusion that your home is still occupied, providing a layer of security.

Save energy and materials compared to conventional lighting

With conventional lighting controls, your options are pretty limited: lights can be either on or off, meaning they use their full amount of power or none at all. But when you need light, you don’t always need the full power of the lights every time.

By using dimmer switches, you gain an extra level of control. Leaving lights at a dimmer setting means they’ll draw on less power, thus saving you energy—and potentially, money! According to Lutron, their lighting controls “have reduced electrical use by 9.2 billion kWh, which reduces our customers’ electric bills by $1 billion annually.”

In addition to these energy savings, dimmer switches help light bulbs last substantially longer. This means you’ll use fewer light bulbs overall, which helps the planet by cutting down on waste and energy used in manufacturing.

Increase home value

All of these benefits will be attractive to most homeowners. But what if you aren’t sure whether you’ll stick around in your current home? Well, Lutron lighting systems still benefit you!

Upgrading your home’s lighting is an excellent way to increase its value on the market. Today’s potential homebuyers are strongly interested in any sort of smart home upgrades. What’s more, smart lighting controls are a relatively low-cost upgrade, meaning you’re more likely to get excellent returns on your investment.

TCA Electric: Installing Lutron Lighting Systems in Vancouver!

At TCA Electric, we’re always eager to help homeowners live in the home of their dreams. With all the benefits they provide, Lutron lighting systems can go a long way toward making your modern home dreams come true! 

Lutron offers a wide array of lighting solutions that are compatible with any home and any budget, from adding light controls to a single room to overhauling your home entirely with a complete smart lighting system.

If you’re interested in upgrading your home, TCA Electric has the expertise to install the lighting solutions you need! Contact us today to get started.

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