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Everything You Need to Know About Multifamily EV Charging Stations

Learn more about EV charging stations for multifamily residences!

Many homeowners and business owners have already begun seeing the benefits of electric vehicle charging stations, after installing them for their family members and employees. EV charging is not just an option for commercial buildings and single-family homes, however. Multifamily EV charging stations make an excellent green upgrade to better serve residents and increase the desirability of multifamily housing complexes. 

At TCA Electric, EV charging installation is one of our specialties. We’ve installed numerous EV charging stations throughout the Vancouver area, and there are several topics we’d like to cover when it comes to EV charging for multifamily residential buildings. So in today’s post, we’re breaking down some of the most important things you should know about multifamily EV charging stations, and why you may want to consider them for your building!

EV charging stations are highly desirable

When it comes to choosing multifamily housing, potential buyers and renters will typically weigh amenities very heavily. Things like pools, fitness areas, and covered parking all tend to attract more residents. Multifamily EV charging stations fall under this umbrella, and as electric vehicles become increasingly popular and common, demand for more EV charging will only increase.

As a property manager, this makes multifamily EV charging stations a wise and forward-thinking investment. Not only will charging stations attract more residents now, but they’ll be an enduring amenity that will continue to be sought after well into the future.

There are flexible options to suit your building’s needs

Property managers have a multitude of options when it comes to installing multifamily EV charging stations. These devices provide an excellent degree of flexibility in terms of where and how you install them, including:

  • Location – Depending on the type of parking at your multifamily property, you may have worries about EV charging compatibility. However, EV charging stations can be installed in a variety of locations, including both open parking areas and enclosed spaces such as garages and carports.
  • Type of charger – The main EV charging options most people consider are Level 1 and Level 2 chargers. Both can be viable as multifamily EV charging options, giving property managers plenty of flexibility when it comes to staying within a specified budget. 
  • Metering options – While EV charging saves drivers money compared to gas-powered vehicles, the electricity does still have a cost. For multifamily complexes, it’s possible to monitor the usage of individual residents, depending on the charging setup. Residents can either have assigned charging spots with dedicated meters, or meters can be placed in common areas instead.

You may not need to upgrade the entire building’s wiring

In the past, it was difficult to install EV charging stations without first upgrading a building’s wiring and electrical service. These days, however, installing EV chargers is easier than you might think, and upgrades to your building’s electrical systems may not be necessary. Devices such as load management units and transfer switches (also called load misers) grant the needed flexibility to charge electric vehicles without overloading electrical systems. While a service upgrade is often a more long-term solution, these alternate options make EV charging accessible in a wider variety of situations.

Rebates and tax credits are available

As a final, excellent reason to consider multifamily EV charging stations for your property: There are many rebates and tax credits available that make the process much more affordable. For example, BC Hydro has recently reopened their EV charging rebate program for apartment and condo buildings. The program provides incentives covering not just the EV chargers themselves, but also any electrical upgrades that may be needed—such as a service upgrade. 

In general, installing EV charging stations is highly incentivized. Tax credits and rebates have been widely available at various times, from the federal to the local level. By installing EV chargers now, property managers can enjoy the financial advantages of early adoption!

Learn more about the BC Hydro EV charger rebate!

TCA Electric: Installing Multi-Family EV Chargers

If you’re a property manager who’s interested in upgrading your building with multifamily EV charging stations, it’s important to partner with a reliable EV charging electrician. TCA Electric is Vancouver’s EV charging expert! From the beginning, we’ve been strong believers in EV charging technology, and we’ve constantly kept ourselves up to date with the latest charging options and devices. Our licensed and qualified professionals have installed countless EV chargers for homeowners and business owners throughout Vancouver. Contact us today to explore your options for multifamily EV charging!


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