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North Vancouver Electrician Project Spotlight: Grand Villa Casino

We love our work and all of our clients here at TCA Electric. To prove it, we’ve decided to start a new blog series: TCA Project Spotlights. In these posts, we will share some of our favourite projects so our readers can get to know the work we do a bit better. As established electricians in North Vancouver, we’re eager to show how we’ve been lighting, heating, and otherwise powering the community around us for years. Today, we’re highlighting our work installing a major light fixture at the Grand Villa Casino.

The client

North Vancouver Electrician Project Spotlight: Grand Villa Casino

For this project, we were happy to work once more with The Panther Group, a construction management and contract firm located in nearby Port Coquitlam, BC. We originally reached out to them with a letter introducing ourselves, and they hired us for a couple of residential projects as well as some commercial electrical work at Peake of Catering. When they found themselves urgently needing a complicated light fixture installed, they knew just which electricians in North Vancouver to contact: TCA Electric.

The project

North Vancouver Electrician Project Spotlight: Grand Villa Casino

We had two main tasks for the Grand Villa Casino project: reassemble an 8’x12’ light fixture according to CSA Group requirements, then install the entire custom fixture in time for the restaurant’s grand opening. This was a commercial electrical project, and it was far more involved than typical installations when the fixture is ready to be put in immediately. The intricate custom light fixture was manufactured in China, so in order to meet the standards of the Canadian Standards Association, it had to be completely dismantled and rebuilt before any installation could be done.

The challenges

North Vancouver Electrician Project SpotlightWe tackled a few challenges with the Grand Villa Casino project. Chief among these was the complexity involved in disassembling and reassembling the entire fixture before installation. Our TCA team is among the most experienced electricians in North Vancouver, but since the fixture included no labels or guidance for assembly, it became a giant electrical wiring puzzle. Much of our time was spent determining a possible wiring route through the frame, and it took a lot of trial and error on behalf of our skilled electricians.

Compounding the complexity of the project was the timeframe. The casino restaurant at Grand Villa was scheduled to open the Tuesday following Thanksgiving – and the entire project had to be done over that weekend! It was a daunting task, but we understand that sometimes projects need to be completed urgently. There was no way the casino restaurant could open without this fixture installed, so it was up to us at TCA to get the job done.

The result

North Vancouver Electrician Project

Our team at TCA Electric came prepared to do anything necessary to get this project done on time. To keep on our tight schedule, we worked overtime, including late night and weekend hours which many members of our team volunteered to tackle on very short notice. Rewiring and assembling the fixture was a tough task – we even had to fly in a sales rep from China to bring us the final parts needed to complete the fixture! But our skilled electricians worked tirelessly, coming together on the Grand Villa Casino project and installing the beautiful fixture just in time for the restaurant’s grand opening.

TCA Electric: Reliable Electricians in North Vancouver

We’ve tackled a lot of projects at TCA Electric, from simpler residential jobs to more complex commercial and industrial ones. When we say we’re ready for anything, we really mean it. Our decades of collective experience have prepared us for whatever challenges come our way, and we look forward to sharing more of our projects with you. To see more of what we’ve been up to, and to find out more about why we’re the most reliable electricians in North Vancouver, subscribe to our blog and connect with us on our social channels: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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