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Ask the North Vancouver Electrician Series: How to Evaluate a Project Bid

Hiring a professional electrician can be a daunting experience. You want the right company for the job, but it’s hard to set bids apart when each company is putting its best foot forward. But if you take each proposal step by step and focus on a few key criteria, the task becomes much easier. At TCA Electric, we know we aren’t the only electrician in Vancouver – but we’re happy to share the things we feel are most important in picking the right electrician for the job!

Ask the North Vancouver Electrician Series: How to Evaluate a Project Bid

See if the Price is Right

The quoted price is the easiest metric for evaluating a bid. If it’s substantially higher than others, try to determine why. Perhaps this is sign that they are inefficient with their time. Or they may simply be skilled professionals with a clear understanding of the work required to complete the job. When reviewing lower cost bids, it’s again important to determine why they are cheaper. A price that’s significantly lower may be an indicator that the contractor does not fully understand the scope of the project.

In either case, ask questions and carefully consider the details or explanations they provide. A price breakdown can help you compare bids in more detail, and it also might explain discrepancies – for instance, a surprisingly low price might be due to a promotion that you didn’t know about. Generally, pricing will be one of the most important considerations when deciding on the right electrician in Vancouver.

Check Their Credentials

Make sure each electrician has a good reputation and the proper certifications to give you peace of mind. Check if they have the right licensing and find out whether they belong to any trade organizations that might regulate the standards of their work. Do the same for any subcontractors you consider hiring.

Ask around about the company, too. While you should let each electrician in Vancouver speak for themselves, seeking outside opinions is a great way to see who really is backing up the claims made in their bid. Find each company’s rating with the Vancouver Better Business Bureau and read Google Reviews. Get recommendations from friends and family who have recently had electrical work done.

Make Sure the Scope Is Appropriate

Pay close attention to the details bidders include to make sure they understand the work your project entails. If the proposal is vague, that could indicate that the company didn’t invest much time in crafting their bid – which means they aren’t that invested in working for you. Comb through each bid to ensure that the specifications match your needs. Note whether they provide examples of projects they’ve worked on that are relevant. For example, if you live in North Vancouver, you might prefer a North Vancouver electrician with specific experience completing projects similar to yours.

Evaluate Their Character

The last question is one of character: Who are these companies, and do they seem like good people with whom you will enjoy working? Whenever you meet representatives of the companies bidding on your project, take careful note of their rapport. Are they friendly and professional, or dismissive and blasé? Any company can present themselves well on paper, so it’s important to get to know the people behind the bids.

TCA Electric: Leading Electrician in Vancouver

No matter what the size of your project, we at TCA Electric are confident in our ability to impress you in all facets of our bid. We offer fair prices, decades of collective experience, and a full staff of licensed, qualified, and friendly professional electricians. But don’t take our word for it – contact us today to tell us about your project, and let us prove that we’re the best electrician in Vancouver for the job!

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