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Project Feature: Power Restored and a Very Happy Homeowner

Here’s How TCA Restored This Homeowner’s Power—Quickly! the fallen tree that led to this power restoration in North Vancouver

Not every electrical project needs to be a complete remodel or overhaul to be important. Sometimes, a very straightforward electrical service can be incredibly impactful for our clients, and these are often the types of projects we’re most proud of. In today’s Project Spotlight, we’re taking a look at a power restoration project we completed for a homeowner in North Vancouver. Our client’s power had been knocked out by a severe storm, and it was important to restore power to her home as quickly as possible to minimize the time that she would be without power. We’re very proud of how the TCA Electric team came through for this homeowner!

Our client: A storm-affected homeowner

Our client for this project was a North Vancouver homeowner who had lost power to her home. A storm had just passed through the area, and a tree had fallen on this homeowner’s power lines, taking out the home’s electrical pole in the process.

Following the storm, our client did some research online and came away impressed by our 5-star rating on Google. She decided to give us a call and the TCA Team was quick to respond!

The project: Power restoration in North Vancouver

The chief goal for this project was to restore power to our client’s home promptly. Since the power lines and electrical pole had come down, all of these materials would need to be replaced. In particular, we would need to repair her service and install a new private pole as the existing one had come down. 

The challenges: Getting everything up to code—quickly!

Restoring power may sound like a simple project, but as with many electrical services, there are often unique roadblocks and challenges to deal with. In addition to installing a new pole, this project required us to make additional updates on the existing service in order to meet current electrical code requirements. For example the Clevis, which is the porcelain part that new electrical lines hook onto, needed to be replaced in order to pass inspection. 

Of course, as this was a power restoration project, time was of the essence. No one wants to be without power for any length of time, and failing to pass any inspections or meet code requirements would have delayed the project. That gave us very little room for error, as we wanted to restore power as quickly as possible!

The result: A very happy homeowner

TCA Service Project Manager Brad Pace took a hands-on approach for this project immediately after receiving our clients initial distressed call. He worked closely with the municipality, BC Hydro, and the folks at D&B Auger Services to coordinate the entire project and ensure that everything would be completed as quickly as possible. Josh Connell, one of our Journeyman electricians, was also there to support Brad on this project, and he quickly brought the existing service up to today’s electrical code standards. 

In the end, we were able to get the power restored within 48 hours of the tree falling down and knocking down the lines. One thing our entire team took note of was how kind our client was throughout the entire process, so we were especially glad that we could get power back to her home so quickly. 

Upon completion of the project, she wrote us a glowing review of her own, writing, “[Brad] and his TCA colleagues were professional, courteous and knowledgeable, as well as kind and caring. […] I can’t thank Brad and TCA Electric enough for the amazing service and work they provided.” Our team was very happy with how this project turned out!

TCA Electric: Your Go-To Electrical Expert in North Vancouver

Here at TCA Electric, each project we complete is more than just another job and paycheck. We understand that for every electrical service there’s a customer on the other side hoping to restore power to their home, upgrade their living space, or renovate their business. We work hard with every project to achieve the highest standard of customer service and quality of work.

If you’re in need of a 5-star North Vancouver electrician for power restoration, home upgrades, or any other electrical service, look no further! Contact us today to find out how TCA Electric can come through for you.

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