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Project Spotlight: EV Home Charger Installation

See What This Homeowner Had to Say About Her EV Home Charger Installation

We often talk about the benefits of an EV home charger installation here at TCA Electric. If you own an electric vehicle, the cost savings, environmental impact, and convenience are all powerful benefits that this service can bring.

But you don’t have to simply take our word for it! One of our past clients, a Vancouver homeowner, agreed to answer a few questions about her experience hiring TCA Electric to complete an EV charger installation in her home.

Our client was thrilled with the end result, especially the cost savings, and we’re proud of the good work and excellent service the TCA team provided. Read on to learn more about this project, or watch the full testimonial video below!

Project Background: Home EV Charger Installation

Marie, our client for this project, sought out quotes for a home EV charge installation after gas expenses for her family ballooned to very high levels. 

As Marie put it, “Our motivation for getting an EV vehicle really came down to cost savings. Of course there was an environmental component that was very attractive and important to us, but our gas bills were becoming obscene and extremely high.”

Her family got quotes from multiple contractors, but TCA Electric stood out above the rest. “We chose to work with TCA Electric because we felt that there was a high level of professionalism, their rates were very competitive, and I felt comfortable moving forward with that group because of those elements,” said Marie. 

The Challenges: Carefully Wiring the New Device

“Our installation was quite cumbersome,” said Marie, “including having to run some electrical wires through the side of the house and down into a different story in the basement.” This meant the installation required careful planning on the part of the TCA team to ensure the electrical components were expertly installed and well hidden so as not to be an eyesore in this home.

To overcome this challenge, we consulted carefully with our client to complete the installation efficiently. Our team took care to be courteous and not leave behind a mess when drilling through different portions of the home.

As Marie explained, “The installers were impeccable, super friendly, and very very professional. The place was immaculate when they finished—they were on time and we were super happy with how everything turned out.”

The Result: Major Monthly Cost Savings—and More!

In the end, Marie and her family got exactly what they wanted: major cost savings compared to their previous monthly spending on gas. 

“When we looked at the cost savings, and obviously with rebates as well, it was a tremendous savings,” said Marie. “We went from $600 to $700 a month to about $75 additional on our electric bill—it was a no-brainer.”

But the benefits of this EV home charger installation didn’t end there. According to our client, the convenience of charging at home each day and never having to visit a gas pump was an unexpected perk of at-home EV charging. In addition, the TCA team was able to provide some additional value by educating our clients on how best to use their charger, which charger would be best for them, and more.

TCA Is Your Expert for Home EV Charger Installation in Vancouver!

We were delighted with how this installation turned out, and glad we could bring incredible cost savings to this household that recently switched to electric vehicles. At the end of the project, these homeowners were completely satisfied with the end result, and we hope to work with them again in the future.

“Our overall experience with TCA Electric was very very positive,” said Marie. “I would recommend TCA Electric for any installation, whether it’s EV chargers or other types of electrical work.”

As you can see from this example, adding a home EV charger can bring incredible savings, and working with TCA Electric means our professionals will be there to help you maximize the value of this installation every step of the way. If you’re ready to join the EV revolution, we’re ready to help take you there! Contact us today to get started.

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