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Project Spotlight: Lions Gate Christian Academy 

TCA helped to revamp a school here in Vancouver!

Here at TCA Electric, we like to share the projects we’re most proud of in our Project Spotlights blog series. These projects are typically the biggest, most unique projects, or simply the ones that remind us why we get up every day to provide high-quality electrical services throughout Vancouver.

In today’s Project Spotlight, we’re sharing a lighting renovation we completed for Lions Gate Christian Academy in Vancouver. Our goal was to completely revamp the look of their school, particularly through updating their office lighting, hall lighting, and LED tube light fixtures. Let’s take a look at the project!

Our client: Lions Gate Christian Academy

Our client for this project was Lions Gate Christian Academy, a K-12 Independent Christian School here in Vancouver. Their academy aims to provide an excellent education for their graduates and set them up for success in their future learning.

We first got into contact with LGCA thanks to a referral from a previous client of ours. That client was very satisfied with our work, so when LGCA needed a Vancouver electrician to renovate and update their building, TCA came highly recommended!

The project: Renovate and rejuvenate

The main goal of this project was to update and revamp the school to give it a cleaner, more modern look. We were to do this primarily through new lighting solutions in the building. This included updating the hall and office lights, as well as replacing the old LED tube light fixtures in their gym.

The challenges: No more drop ceiling!

As part of LGCA’s overall renovation of their school, the remaining T bar from their old drop ceiling was removed. This left all of the existing electrical, mechanical, and telecommunication equipment exposed, so it was important to find a way to make everything look nicer.

We then had to drop the lights, including the LED tube lights, since the drop ceiling was no longer there. In doing so, we had to make sure everything looked as clean and presentable as possible, which would mean making sure the lights lined up and looked uniform.

The result: A fresh, updated space for learning

With all of the challenges and expectations laid out for us, our team got to work! John Urrea took the lead on this one, while Josh and Megan were our main “boots on the ground.” They each did a phenomenal job in seeing this project through!

To drop the lighting at LGCA, we suspended it using ready rod and seismic cabling. Our electricians carefully laid out and planned the lights to ensure the final look would be uniform and evenly spaced. 

Throughout the project, our contacts at LGCA were nothing but kind to us. LGCA Principal Adam Reid even treated us to pizza while on site! When the project was complete, we were very happy with our work and would be delighted to come back any time. 

TCA Electric Can Help Rejuvenate Your Space!

Many things can make a space feel less bright and welcoming. And when it comes to electrical systems, updating a space’s lighting can make all the difference! 

Here at TCA Electric, we offer a wide range of commercial electrical services to help you renovate and revitalize your space, be it a school, office, or other commercial setting. Our talented team has decades of experience and comes highly recommended—just ask our customers! Contact TCA today to start planning your next electrical project.

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