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Qualifying Questions Your EV Installer Should Be Asking

Need an EV Charger Installed? Here’s What You Should Be Asking

As leading EV charging experts here in Vancouver, we’re here to tell you there’s much more to EV charger installation than you might think. This service takes careful planning to make your charging experience as convenient as possible—ensuring you get the right charge from the right charger for the right vehicle(s), all located in an ideal location for your driving and parking habits.

Unfortunately, not every contractor will take the time to ask you all the questions needed to provide you with the ideal home EV charging setup. In fact, that’s part of what many of our customers say sets TCA Electric apart as Vancouver EV charger installation experts. So to give you a peek into the installation process, we’re breaking down some of the most important qualifying questions your electrician should be asking before installing an EV charger in your home.

Will More Than One Car Use the Charger?

The right charging experience starts with the right EV charger. Some charging systems work great for a single vehicle, but may face issues if you need to charge more than one vehicle. For example, Tesla wall chargers are ideal for Tesla vehicles, but haven’t always played nice with EVs from other manufacturers. This means it’s important for your electrician to ask about how many and what kinds of electric vehicles you currently own—or plan to own in the future.

Do You Envision Having More Than One Charger in the Future?

Of course, the most efficient way to charge two (or more) electric vehicles would be simultaneously. Many households only have one electric vehicle and one charger, but adding two chargers can maximize charging convenience for everybody.

If you plan to have more than one charger in the future, it’s important to mention this now. This allows your electrician to leave space for a future charger and plan ahead when evaluating your electrical panel’s capacity. 

What’s more, it’s typically more cost-efficient to install both panels at once, if you can afford the immediate upfront costs. There are even ways to install two chargers in different locations that share the same circuit without doubling the power demand. If you plan to have more chargers for any reason, a true EV charging expert will be interested to know.

Where Do You Usually Park?

Chargers can be installed in a variety of locations, and the ideal EV charger installation location typically depends on your parking habits. For example, some drivers will park exclusively in their garage, while other homeowners rarely have space in their garage and prefer to park in the driveway. 

In other cases, it may be desired to install the charger farther away from where the car is parked, in a more out-of-the-way location. If you’re looking to install a charger more than 25 feet from your typical parking location, for instance, your electrician will need to be informed in order to come up with a plan, as chargers don’t typically include cables long enough to cover that distance by default.

Will All Electrical Components Need to Be Hidden?

When it comes to EV charger installation, cost savings are the chief goal for some Vancouver homeowners. This means the most efficient installation location and method is best, even if the charger and the necessary electrical components attaching it to the electrical panel are visible.

Other homeowners prefer to retain the aesthetic of their home as much as possible, however. This requires that all electrical components be carefully routed through out-of-sight areas and hidden from view.

Generally speaking, it will cost more to fully hide an EV charger and all necessary cables. This question is critical to understanding your preferences, however, and should be asked by your EV installer before planning your project. The last thing you want is unexpected costs (if you don’t mind a visible charger) or a charger interrupting the aesthetic of your home (if you prefer everything hidden).

TCA Electric: EV Charger Installation Experts in Vancouver

Here at TCA Electric, we put careful thought and planning into all of our residential electrical services. Your home is your space, after all, and it’s important to us to empower our customers to make decisions about the appearance and functionality of their home based on their needs.

The above are just a handful of the important questions we ask all of our EV charging customers to ensure their home charger installation goes smoothly. Our goal is to give you the EV charging experience of your dreams and help as many drivers as possible break free from the gas pump. If you’re interested in EV charger installation services in Vancouver, contact TCA today for a quote!

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