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Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Electrician to Install LED Lighting

Here’s How to Make Sure You Have the Right Electrician for the Job

LED lighting has been a popular upgrade for Vancouver homeowners in recent years. Not only does LED lighting illuminate a space, but it does so while providing excellent energy-efficiency, allowing for flexible use cases to suit any interior design, and lasting longer than other types of lights, such as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

To rejuvenate your Vancouver home or business with LED lighting upgrades, you’ll need a trusted, knowledgeable electrician to partner with. So how can you choose the right contractor for your project? The TCA Electric team has put together a list of key questions you should ask any Vancouver electrician before hiring them to install LED lighting. 

Do I need to pull an electrical permit?

An LED lighting installation involves more than just replacing a few lightbulbs. Typically, it also involves making alterations to the electrical systems in your home or business to allow for the new light source.

Because of this, you will need a permit to complete the work. Luckily, a professional electrician will be well aware of this and will handle all necessary permitting on your behalf. If an electrician claims you won’t need a permit, or claims it is your responsibility to do so, you should likely hire a different contractor to complete the work.

Do you have liability insurance?

When hiring a Vancouver electrician for any project—whether it’s new lighting, an EV charger installation, or any other upgrade—it’s important to double-check their credentials. Any electrician you hire should be fully licensed, qualified, and insured. 

Liability insurance is especially important for you as the homeowner or business owner. If any mistakes or injuries occur during work carried out by an uninsured electrician, you can be held liable for the costs and damages. So before hiring any electrician, make sure they can provide proof of their insurance coverage!

Are you able to install the lights I’m providing for you?

In many cases, LED lighting is used to tie together an interior or exterior space. Because of this, many of our clients and customers have specific LED lights in mind when hiring us for an installation project—lights that will perfectly suit the design for the space.

In most cases, providing lights for a contractor to install is perfectly okay! However, before starting the project your electrician will need to make sure the chosen lights are CSA approved. CSA Group evaluates consumer products for safety, sustainability, and quality, and we are only able to install products that meet their standards. If your chosen lights fall short of these standards, the expert electricians at TCA will work with you to find comparable alternatives!

Will there be enough light?

If you’re hiring an electrician to install LED lights in your home or business, chances are you have an idea of the precise look you want to achieve. But before work begins it’s important to make sure your lights will, well, illuminate!

While LED lighting makes for an excellent and aesthetic lighting choice, the range of customizability—including colours and brightness—can lead to a large amount of variance in how well they light up a space. Consulting with an experienced electrician beforehand will give you the expertise you need to ensure that your preferred lighting arrangement will provide enough light for your needs. 

I’m unsure of what LED lighting I need. Can you provide options?

The electricians who are most experienced in LED lighting installation will be able to do much more than just screw in lightbulbs. These electricians will also be well-versed in choosing the ideal lighting solutions to perfectly work within the design of an existing space, providing both enough light and a gorgeous look you’ll enjoy for many years.

Here at TCA Electric, we love getting the chance to lend our expertise and knowledge in planning out beautiful LED lighting projects. Not only that, but we have the experience, the credentials, and the skills needed to bring your lighting project to brilliant life! 

If you’re looking to upgrade your space with new lighting, contact us today! TCA Electric is Vancouver’s leading LED lighting expert.

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