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How to Know You’re Hiring the Right Electrician in Vancouver BC 

How Do You Pick the Best Electrician in Vancouver, BC? Start with an Established Company!

When it comes to quality electrical work, hiring the right electrician in Vancouver, BC makes all the difference every time. Too often TCA Electric has been called in to complete projects that less experienced electricians were unable to follow through on. Typically these electricians had been missing deadlines, planning poorly, and making other mistakes that can be avoided by working with a more experienced professional.

At TCA Electric, we pride ourselves on our careful attention to detail and our streamlined process for completing even the most complicated of electrical projects. There’s a lot that sets us apart as the top electrician in Vancouver, BC. Here’s how you know you’re hiring the right electrician when you work with TCA!

The issues with less established companies

While every electrician starts somewhere, working with less experienced, less established, and smaller electrical companies can lead to several common problems. One that we frequently see is a lack of an established process. Since these companies are just getting started, they don’t have the streamlined, fine-tuned process that more experienced electricians have had years to perfect. This can lead to poor organization during projects, poor communication, and—very often—missed deadlines.

With something as important as electrical work, the last thing you need is for your project to take longer than expected. A delayed electrical project can leave you without properly functioning lights, power, heat, or any number of necessities you rely on.

How TCA Electric makes a difference

Here at TCA Electric, we’ve worked hard for many years to be the best electrician in Vancouver, BC. There are a lot of factors that separate our team and make our company different from other electrical contractors you may encounter in the area. Here are just a few things that make TCA different from other electricians:

A proven process

Process is everything in electrical work! And at TCA Electric, we’ve had years to get our process for completing projects down to a science. We utilize our own internal project management software and an integrated project management structure to keep track of every moving part of each project we work on. This ensures we know exactly what we’re doing on each day of a given project.

A commitment to communication

A less experienced Vancouver, BC electrician may leave you in the dark throughout your project—both literally and metaphorically! At TCA, we value open communication with our customers, as we’ve seen firsthand how effective communication improves overall customer satisfaction. Thanks to our carefully planned out process, we’re able to keep you in the loop throughout every step of our process so that you always know what to expect from our team.

Above and beyond for safety and quality

Electricians have certain standards to meet when it comes to safety, quality, and industry best practices. At TCA Electric, we strive to not only meet these expectations and requirements, but to exceed them wherever possible.

Safety is paramount with electrical work, and our well evolved company safety program ensures that every project is completed while keeping hazards and risks to an absolute minimum. Meanwhile, our internal quality control program means that we aren’t just meeting industry best practices—we’re exceeding them by checking up on our own work every step of the way before it comes time for the final code inspection.

Continual professional development

Becoming an electrician doesn’t have just one finish line! To be the best electrician in Vancouver, BC requires constant learning and improvement. To support this emphasis on learning, TCA provides a professional development program for all of our employees to continue learning new electrical skills on the job and further their career. Ultimately, this means that when you call on TCA, you know each one of our team members is well trained and prepared to complete your project!

TCA Electric: Top Electrician in Vancouver, BC

Being the best electrician in Vancouver, BC isn’t easy. It requires constant improvement, years of electrical experience, and a commitment to excellence in both the work we do and the customer experience we provide. At TCA Electric, we aim to live by those values each and every day, and our customers have taken notice, giving our company a 5-star average rating with more than 130 Google reviews.

Are you in need of commercial or residential electrical services in Vancouver, BC? Get in touch with our team to learn more about the TCA difference and start planning your project!

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