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How the Strata Property Amendment Act Is Making EV Charging Installation More Widely Available

New Strata Property Act Makes EV Charging More Accessible in BC

While EV charging itself can be straightforward, there are sometimes other obstacles to installing the needed infrastructure to charge electric vehicles. For multifamily property owners and residents, significant upgrades to a building or complex require approval by the strata corporation. This can potentially create delays as advocates for EV charging must convince enough members to approve the upgrades. Now, a new strata property act in BC has reduced the hurdles to installing EV chargers in multifamily buildings.

At TCA Electric, we’re always eager to help make electric vehicle ownership a better experience for everyone involved. Here’s how the strata property act makes it easier to get approval for multifamily EV charging installation in BC.

BC Bill 22 Strata Property Act: What’s Changed?

Bill 22 for 2023 is the Strata Property Amendment Act, which applies to multifamily strata throughout BC. The most significant change within this act pertaining to electric vehicles was to change the voting threshold required for certain EV charging approval. 

Rather than requiring a three-quarter majority, strata corporations can now approve installation of electric vehicle charging stations with a majority vote of 50% or more. However, a three-quarters majority will still be required for special levies, such as to support electrical infrastructure upgrades needed to support charging stations.

More Streamlined Approval Process for Chargers

What this means is that strata corporations whose buildings can already support EV infrastructure will be able to approve EV charging stations more easily as a result of this BC strata property amendment act.

This is also good news for residents lobbying for added EV infrastructure in their buildings. Residents now need fewer votes from strata corporation members to approve charger installation in many situations. 

Multifamily EV Charger Rebates Are Still Available

While BC has paused the EV Ready rebate program for the time being (as of June 15, 2023), there are still rebates available for multifamily EV chargers. BC Hydro continues to provide up to $5,000 for up to 50% of the cost to purchase and install EV chargers. Multiple chargers can be purchased through this rebate, for a total maximum of $25,000 per apartment or condo complex.

This, coupled with the recent changes via the BC strata property amendment act, can help to clear many of the financial and logistical hurdles to installing EV chargers in multifamily complexes. Between rebates and legislative changes, EV installation is becoming much more feasible for condos and apartment buildings—excellent news for EV drivers in strata housing!

Plan Your Multifamily EV Charging Project with TCA Electric

TCA Electric is Vancouver’s leading expert for all things EV charging. From residential to commercial to multifamily, we have the expertise to install individual chargers or plan and install full EV charging systems, as well as the electrical upgrades needed to support them.

Multifamily EV charging is a benefit to property owners and tenants alike, making the EV ownership experience more convenient and helping to fuel Canada’s ongoing switch to greener, more sustainable vehicles. Contact TCA today to start planning your EV charger installation!

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